Dodonaeus in Japan

Translation and the Scientific Mind in the Tokugawa Period

W.F. Vande Walle (Author), Kazuhiko Kasaya (Author),

Series: History 6

Category: History, History 1500-1800, History 1800-present

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058671790

Publication date: February 27, 2002

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This collection of essays is the outcome of an international symposium, jointly organised by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, and the Section of Japanese Studies of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in October 1998. It was the second in a series of three international symposia that the International Resaerch Center for Japanese Studies organised in Europe in conjunction with a European partner.

The Leuven Symposium, which went under the general title of Translations of Culture, Culture of Translation, actually consisted of two parallel sessions. The first one was a workshop on Gender and Modernity in Japan. The second one was devoted to a reflection on Translation and Adaptation in the Formulation of Modern Episteme: A Reappraisal of Dodoens. The essays in the present volume are the reworked and elaborated versions of the presentations made at the latter symposium.

It was clear that many of the issues one had to tackle had to do with translation, and that translation was not a phenomenon limited to Japan, but equally prominent in European cultural history, nor limited to texts as such, but involving broader cultural contexts as well. The result was an investigation of Dodoens’s (Dodonaeus) importance in Europe as well as in Japan through the prism of translation, transposition adaptation etc., defined as a moving force in cultural and social development and an indispensable lubricant in the process of functional differentiation. The main concern was evidently Japan, but the organisers deliberately opted for a perspective that kept a certain distance from boundaries. Therefore experts in the field of Western herbals and botany were confronted with historians of early modern Japan.

W.F. Vande Walle and Kazuhiko Kasaya

W.F. Vande Walle

I. Dodonaeus in the European Context

Dodonaeus: a Bio-bibliographical Summary
W.F. Vande Walle

Dodonaeus and the Herbal Tradition
Robert Visser

Botanical Practice and Agricultural Demands in Early Modern Europe: the Contribution of Rembertus Dodonaeus
Mauro Ambrosoli

Botanical Collectors and Collections in the Low Countries
Helena Wille

II. Translation and the Articulation of the Modern Episteme in Japan

Breaking Boundaries: on Translation and the Concept of Society
Michael Schiltz

Linguistics and Translation in Pre-Modern Japan and China: a Comparison
W.F. Vande Walle

Reinterpretation of the Western Linear Perspective in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth Century Japan
Shigemi Inaga

The Tokugawa Bakufu’s Policies for the National Production of Medicines and Dodonaeus’ Cruijdeboeck
Kazuhiko Kasaya

III. Japanese Renditions of Dodonaeus

The Reception and Spread of Dodonaeus’ Cruydt-boeck in Japan
Kiyoshi Matsuda

The Visual Legacy of Dodonaeus in Botanical and Human Categorisation
Timon Screech

Dodonaeus and Tokugawa Culture: Hiraga Gennai and Natural History in Eighteenth-Century Japan
Tà´ru Haga

The Development of Japanese Botanical Interest and Dodonaeus’ role: from Pharmakopoeia to Botany and Horticulture
Jà´zaburà´ Shirahata

IV The Rangaku Context

Dodonaeus in Japanese: Deshima Surgeons as Mediators in the Early Introduction of Western Natural History
Harmen Beukers

The Early Penetration of French Science in Japan during the Tokugawa Period
Gabor Lukacs

“Rerum Memorabilium Thesauros” – a Treasury of Memorable Things – Carl Peter Thunberg Observations during his Year in Japan 1775-1776
Catharina Blomberg

The Influence of Herman Boerhaave’s Mechanical Concept of the Human Body in Nineteenth Century Japan
Frederik Crijns

W.F. Vande Walle

Kazuhiko Kasaya

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