Worlds behind Words

Essays in honour of Prof. Dr. F.G. Droste on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday

F. Steurs (Author), F. Heyvaert (Author),

Series: Symbolae Facultatis Litterarum Lovaniensis - Series C: Linguistica 6


Language: English

ISBN: 9789061863052

Publication date: January 1, 1989

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Number of pages: 397

Size: 240 x 160 x mm


List of contributors

L. Melis: F. Droste: between language and thought

I. Words shaping worlds. On longuage and meaning, or the things language does to reality

T.A. Sebeok: In what sense is language a “primary modeling system”?

H. Parret: Cognition, the localist hypothesis, and back to Kant

R. Bartsch: Concepts and frames

R.W. Langacker: Absolute construal

O. Leys: Some remarks on spatial prepositional structure

P.A.M. Seuren: Notes on reflexivity

S.C. Dik: Towards a unified cognitive language

R. Hudson: Language, metalanguage and conceptual structure

F. van Eynde: A discourse representation model for the semantic analysis of temporal expressions

S. Geukens: Aspects of the semantics of some types of exclamative sentences

F. Steurs: Some remarks on coordinate structures

L. Goossens: Prototypical and non-prototypical meaning: say revisited

F.J. Heyvaert: Antonymy and convention

D. Geeraerts: On hypertrophic homonymy

II. Worlds shaping words. On grammar and whatever makes in into what it is

E. Vorlat: Lord Monboddo’s theory on the origin and progress of language

H. Schultink: Heads and percolation in Swahili morphology

B. Comrie: Haruai attributes and processing explanation for word order

W. Kuhn: The so-called “relator-nouns” in Vietnamese

W. de Geest: Passive bare infinitival complements in Dutch

R. Collier: On the phonology of Dutch intonation

D. De Bleecker: Coarticulation on the “front” dimension. A computer program

R. Declerck: A principle of word order in specificational sentences

III. Words in the World and things that can happen to them: on topics like machine translation and language policy

G. Geerts: Is “Flemish” different from “Dutch”?

W.W. Dharmowijono: Word adoption in Bahasa Indonesia: a shift in orientation

L.J.M. Bergmans: Dutch as a language for the higher concerns of the mind. G.J.P.J. Bolland and his critics

M.C. van den Toorn: Some remarks on the language of Nazism

S. de Vriendt: The standardization of sign languages in Belgium

A.M. Cornu and M. Delahaye: If foreign language teaching is to be functional, an S.O.S. approach to vocabulary teaching is necessary

W. Daelemans: Automatic hyphenation: linguistics versus engineering

F. Vandamme: The complex dynamic interrelations between logic, linguistics and Artificial Intelligence in the epistemological field

R. Gebruers: Functional grammar: a useful thinking tool for machine translation research?

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