The Perennial Tradition of Neoplatonism

John Cleary (Editor),

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 1 24

Category: Philosophy

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061868477

Publication date: December 5, 1997

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This volume contains a selection of the papers presented to an international conference in July 1995 at Maynooth, Ireland, which was organised to celebrate the bicentenary of the founding of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. The general title of the conference was “Mysticism, Rationalism and Empiricism in the Neoplatonic Tradition”.

John J. Cleary

1. Neoplatonic Theology

Dieu est-il tout-puissant? Alexandre d’Aphrodise, Origène le chrétien, Plotin
Jean Pépin

Theology in Origen and Plotinus
Padraig O’Cleirigh

Prophyry and Pagan Religious Practice
Andrew Smith

2. Plato and Plotinus

Immortal and Necessary Being in Plato and in Plotinus
Denis O’Brien

L’exegese Plotinienne des ‘MEGISTA GENE’ du Sophiste de Platon
María Isabel Santa Cruz

Plotinus Meets the Third Man
David P. Hunt

3. Plotinian nous

Individual Consciousness in Neoplatonism
Gerard Verbeke

Introspection, Self-Reflexivity, and the Essence of Thinking according to Plotinus
Lloyd P. Gerson

4. Plotinian Mysticism

Mysticism and Individuality: A Plotinian Paradox
Gabriela Roxana Carone

The Mystical Journeys of Plotinus and Gregory of Nyssa
Deirdre Carabine

5. Plotinian Eudaimonism

Plotinus and Aristotle on the Good Life
Frederic M. Schroeder

Plotinus and the Alienation of the Soul
Gary Gurtler

6. The Neoplatonic School

The Circle Simile in the Platonic Curriculum of Albinus
Burhard Reis

The Psychology of Plotinus and Later Platonism
Henry J. Blumenthal

7. Late Neoplatonic Epistemology

Breathing Thought: Proclus on the Innate Knowledge of the Soul
Carlos Steel

The school of Ammonius on Logoi in The Human Intellect
Elias Tempelis

8. Late Academic Platonism

On Proclus’ Comparison of Aristotelian and Parmenidean Logic
Dino Buzzetti

Aristotle’s Fourteenth Aporia and the Three Dimensions in Later Neoplatonism
Frans A.J. de Haas

Damascius on Procession and Return
John Dillon

9. Patristic and Medieval Neoplatonism

Does Augustinian Memoria depend on Plotinus?
James McEvoy

The Mysticism of Number in the Medieval Period before Eriugena
Thomas O’Loughlin

10. Arabic and Jewish Neoplatonism

Divine and Human Knowledge in the Plotiniana Arabica
Christina D’Ancona

The Complementarity of Reason and Mysticism in Avicenna (Ibn Sînâ)
Thomas E. Gaskill

Maimonides and Neo-Platonism
Kenneth Seeskin

11. The Renaissance of Neoplatonism

Francis Bacon’s Instauratio and Renaissance Neoplatonism
Stephen A. McKnight

Neoplatonism and the Origin of the Older Modern Philosophy
James A. Doull

12. Modern Neoplatonists

Emerson’s Mystical Empiricism
Russell B. Goodman

The Christian Platonism of A.H. Armstrong and Synesius of Cyrene
Jay Bregman

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John Cleary

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