History and Eschatology in John Scottus Eriugena and his Time

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Society for the Promotion of Eriugenian Studies Maynooth and Dublin August 16-20 2000

James Mc Evoy (Editor), Michael Dunne (Editor),

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 1 30

Category: Philosophy

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058672414

Publication date: September 10, 2002

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by C. Steel
by J. McEvoy and M. Dunne

Opening Lecture
Bernard McGinn, “Eriugena Confronts the End. Reflections on Johannes Scottus’s Place in Carolingian Eschatology”

1. History and the Beyond
J.C. Marler, “The Eriugenian Tension between History and Eschatology”
F. Paparella, “La storia in Eriugena come autoscienza divina”

2. Grammar
C. Kavanagh, “The Philosophical Importance of Grammar for Eriugena”
A. Luthala, “Time and the Substantival Verb in Eriugena”

3. Discoveries and Identifications
J. Contreni, “John Scottus and Bede”
P. Dutton, “Eriugena’s Workshop: the Making of the Periphyseon in Rheims 875″
C. Laga, “A Complete Graeco-Latin Index of Maximus Confessor’s Quaestiones ad Thalassium
J. McEvoy, “John Scottus Eriugena and Thomas Gallus, Commentators on the Mystical Theology
F. Mosetti Casaretto, “Inutere coelum apertum: l’esordio dell’epistola ad Grimaldum abbatem di Ermenico di Ellwangen fra Ilduino di Saint-Denis e Giovanni Scoto”
G.A. Piemonte, “Some Distinctive Theses of Eriugena’s Eschatology in his Exegesis of the Gospel according to St. Matthew”

4. The Irish Background
T. O’Loughlin “Imagery of the New Jerusalem in the Periphyseon and Eriugena’s Irish Background”
H. Richardson, “Themes in Eriugena’s Writings and Early Irish Arts”

5. Eschatology of the De Praedestinatione
A. Bisogno, “Essentia voluntas et scientia“: esiti escatologici della gnoseologia del De Praedestinatione Liber
R. Crouse, “Predestination, Human Freedom and the Augustinian Theology of History in Eriugena’s De Divina Praedestinatione
E. S. N. Mainoldi, “Su alcune fonti ispiratrici della teologia e dell’escatologia del Divina Praedestinatione Liber di Giovanni Scoto Eriugena”

6. Return and Last Things
J.L. Canton Alonso, “Deus omnia in omnibus: les exempla naturalia dans le discours eschatologique de Jean Scot Erigène”
P.A. Dietrich, D.F. Duclow, “Hell and Damnation in Eriugena”
G. d’Onofrio, ” ‘Cuius esse est non posse esse’: la quarta species della natura eriugeniana tra logica, metafisica e gnoseologia”
D. Hadley, “A Twofold Problem in the twofold Eschatology of John Scottus Eriugena”
A.M. Maas, “Mystische Züge in Eriugenas Eschatologie”
M. Harrington, “Eastern and Western Psychological Triads in Eriugena’s Realized Eschatology”
H. Mooney, “Infinitus enim infinite, etiam in purgatissimis mentibus formatur: Die struktur der Begegnung mit dem unendlichen Gott nach Johannes Scottus Eriugena
D. Moran, “Time and Eternity in the Periphyseon
W. Otten, “The Pedagogical Aspect of Eriugena’s Eschatology: Paradise between the Letter and the Spirit”
V. V. Petroff, “Theoriae of the Return in John Scottus’ Eschatology”
C.Steel, “The Return of the Body into Soul: Philosophical Musings on the Resurrection”

Gerd Van Riel, “Eriugenian Studies, 1995-2000”


James Mc Evoy

Michael Dunne

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