Framing a Vision of the World

Essays in Philosophy, Science and Religion. In honor of Professor Jan Van der Veken

Andre Cloots (Author), Santiago Sia (Author),

Series: Louvain Philosophical Studies 14

Category: Philosophy

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061869863

Publication date: November 24, 1999

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


In October 1998 prof. Jan Van der Veken retired as professor of metaphysics and philosophy of God at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, after more than thirty years of teaching. For a long time he was one of the driving forces behind the Institute of Philosophy’s flourishing International Program. He is also the president of the European Society for Process Thought and Director of the Process Documentation Center in Leuven. Because of his broad international commitment, colleagues, friends and former Ph.D-students from all over the world are offering him this collection of essays, which reflect his areas of interest, as a tribute to his work and career.

Since for Jan Van der Veken our vision of the world, and especially the placing of God and religion in it, has been the basic concern in all his work and thought, this problem is also at the core of this volume. Though religion, philosophy and science speak different languages, it is the task of our vision of the world to bring them into some rational coordination.

Many philosophers have guided him in this intellectual search. The first of these has been the later Merleau-Ponty, on whose philosophy he wrote his doctoral dissertation and who has remained present in his thinking. But the discovery of the work of Charles Hartshorne and Alfred North Whitehead opened up for him completely new perspectives and provided him with a new tool to formulate his own insights. It may be said that Jan Van der Veken introduced process-thought in the Low Countries, and that he is still its main proponent.

All these aspects of Jan Van der Veken’s thought are treated in this volume. All the contributions testify to the breath of interest, so characteristic of Jan Van der Veken’s thinking but also of the necessity of an over-all vision of the world. In an Postscript, Jan Van der Veken himself reconstructs his own journey from Being to Becoming.

Philosophy, Science and Religion
Vincent Brümmer – Science and the Agency of God
William Desmond – Hyperbolic Thought: On Creation and Nothing
John B. Cobb Jr. – Science, Theology and Whitehead’s Philosophy
A. Cloots – Thinking Things Together. The Concept of Metaphysics

  • Religion, Religious language and God’s Existence
    Charles Hartshorne – Can we understand God?
    Wim A. de Pater – Religious Language: the Ramsey Model
    David Pailin – Theological Truth Within the Circle?: Evading the Spider’s Parlour
    Joseph M. Agadiyil – Hartshorne on the Existence of God: A Transcendental Interpretation

  • Whitehead in Context
    Patrick Burke – Creativity and the Unconscious in Merleau-Ponty and Schelling
    Timothy Mooney – Deconstruction, Process and Openness: Philosophy in Derrida, Husserl and Whitehead
    Doris Donnelly – The Compulsion of Truth
    Emmanuel Agius – What Future for Future Generations?: A Whiteheadian Intergenerational Ethical Perspective

  • Epilogue
    Jan Van der Veken – My way from Being to Becoming
    English language bibliography of Jan Van der Veken
    Notes on Contributors

Andre Cloots

Santiago Sia

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