Humanistica Lovaniensia, Volume XXXVIII – 1989

ISSN: 07742908

ISBN: 9789061863380

Publication date: January 1, 1989

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Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, published annually, is the leading journal in the field of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Latin. As well as presenting articles on Neo-Latin topics, the journal is a major source for critical editions of Neo-Latin texts with translations and commentaries. Its systematic bibliography of Neo-Latin studies (Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum), accompanied by critical notes, is the standard annual bibliography of publications in the field. The journal is fully indexed (names, mss., Neo-Latin neologisms).

1 Textus et Studia

Mary Quinlan-McGrath, Aegidius Gallus, De Viridario Augustini Chigii Vera libellus

David Carlson, John Skelton and Ancient Authors: Two Notes

Suzanne de Hemptinne, Annius de Viterbe comme source dans le “De rebus Batavicis” de Renier Snoy

Edward V. George, The “Declamationes Sullanae”

Simon A. Vosters, Gheeraerdt Vorselman, Eulogist of Dona Mencia

Monique Mund-Dopchie, La Survie du “Périple d’Hannon” au XVI

Kerstin Isacson, A Study of Non-Classical Features in Book XV

Dirk Sacré, Some Remarks Concerning Aonio paleario’s Milanese Years

James A. Parente, Jr., The Paganization of Biblical Tragedy

Ingrid A.R. De Smet, Amatus Fornacius, Amator ineptus

Avelina Carrera de la Red, Latinidad e Ilustracion en el “Diario Pinciano”

2 Miscellanea

Alain Arnould, New Manuscripts Related to Johannes de Veris

3 Instrumentum criticum

4 Instrumentum bibliographicum:

Jozef IJsewijn, Gilbert Tournoy, Marcus de Schepper, Dirk Sacré, Instrumentum bibliographicum neolatinum

5 Instrumentum lexicographicum

6 Indices

– Index codicum manuscriptorum

– Index nominum