Humanistica Lovaniensia, Volume XLIX – 2000

ISSN: 07742908

ISBN: 9789058670885

Publication date: February 14, 2001

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Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, published annually, is the leading journal in the field of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Latin. As well as presenting articles on Neo-Latin topics, the journal is a major source for critical editions of Neo-Latin texts with translations and commentaries. Its systematic bibliography of Neo-Latin studies (Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum), accompanied by critical notes, is the standard annual bibliography of publications in the field. The journal is fully indexed (names, mss., Neo-Latin neologisms).

Textus et Studia

  1. M. Elena Curbelo Tavió, Teoria y práctica epistolar de Niccolo Perotti

  2. Thomas Haye, Ein Gedicht des Humanisten Petrus Lazaronus über die Verfassung Venedigs
  3. Istvan Bejczy, Die Institutio scholae Christianae (1534) von Gerard Geldenhouwer. Kritische Ausgabe mit Kommentar
  4. Fernand Hallyn, Copernic et Erasme
  5. Harry Vredeveld, Some Supplementary Notes to Erasmus’s De Conscribendis Epistolis
  6. Antonio Davila Perez, La polémica Arias Montano – Wilhelmus Lindanus : un nuevo documento (AGR I 115, N3714)

  • Acta Puteanaea: Proceedings of the International Colloquium Erycius Puteanus (1574-1646), Leuven-Antwerp, 7-9 November 1996

  • Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum

  • Instrumentum lexicographicum
  • Statues of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies
  • Indices

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