Humanistica Lovaniensia, Volume XXVIII – 1979

ISSN: 07742908

ISBN: 9789061860921

Publication date: January 1, 1979

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Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, published annually, is the leading journal in the field of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Latin. As well as presenting articles on Neo-Latin topics, the journal is a major source for critical editions of Neo-Latin texts with translations and commentaries. Its systematic bibliography of Neo-Latin studies (Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum), accompanied by critical notes, is the standard annual bibliography of publications in the field. The journal is fully indexed (names, mss., Neo-Latin neologisms).

1 Text Editions and Studies

A. Mazzocco, Some Philological Aspects of Biondo Flavio’s Roma Triumphans

Laura Onofri, Sacralità , immaginazione e proposte politiche: La Vita di Niccolo V di Giannozzo Manetti

J. Blusch, Enea Silvio Piccolomini und Giannantonio Campano. Die unterschiedlichen Darstellungsprinzipien in ihren Türekenreden

W. Hubner, Perseus, Eridanus und cola Piscis unter den Sternbildern in Pontanos Urania

I. Kajanto, Notes on the Language in the Latin Epitaphs of Renaissance Rome

C. Matheeussen, La traduction Française de l’Eloge de la Folie par Georges d’Halluin et la traduction anonyme parisienne de 1520

J. Durkan & W.S. Watt, Adam Mure’s Laudes Gulielmi Elphinstonii

J. Durkan, Adam Mure: A Biography

Chr. De Paepe, Trois inédits de Max. Vrientius

J.R.C. Martyn, John Owen and Tudor Patronage. A Prosopographical Analysis of Owen’s Epigrams

E. Tengstrom, A Neo-Latin Report from Early XVIIIth Century Paris

A.J. Wiesenthal, On the Literary Value of Samuel Johnson’s Latin Verse

G. Morabito, Il latinista Alfredo Bartoli

2 Miscellanea

– J. IJsewijn, Companion to Neo-Latin Studies: Corrections and Additions

3 In Memoriam Harry C. Schnur

4 Review: J. Jehasse, La Renaissance de la Critique (W.C. Johnson)

5 Instrumentum criticum

A.M.M. Dekker, Dedekind Erasmus and Navagero: Three Emendations

J. IJsewijn, Follisius Jacobus

J. IJsewijn, Castigationes Erasmianae, III

– Instrumentum bibliographicum

– Instrumentum lexicographicum

6 I.A.N.-L.S. News

7 – Index codicum manuscriptorum

– Index nominum