Humanistica Lovaniensia, Volume XXVI – 1977

ISSN: 07742908

ISBN: 9789061860662

Publication date: January 1, 1977

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Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, published annually, is the leading journal in the field of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Latin. As well as presenting articles on Neo-Latin topics, the journal is a major source for critical editions of Neo-Latin texts with translations and commentaries. Its systematic bibliography of Neo-Latin studies (Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum), accompanied by critical notes, is the standard annual bibliography of publications in the field. The journal is fully indexed (names, mss., Neo-Latin neologisms).

1 Text Editions and Studies

Godelieve Tournoy-Thoen, Le manuscrit 1010 de la Biblioteca de Cataluna et l’humanisme italien à la cour de France ver 1500, II

J. IJsewijn, J.L. Vives in 1512-1517. A Reconsideration of Evidence

L.V. Ryan, The Shorter Latin Poem in Tudor England

J.R.C. Martyn, Montaigne and George Buchanan

M. Senger, Leonhard Culmanns Index scriptorum grammaticorum (1541). Bemerkungen zum Traditionsbewusstsein in der humanistischen Philologie

Geneviève Demerson-Barthelot, Le Poète et le Prince. Dorat: Ad Regem Exhortatio

J. Starnawski, Poems of Daniel Hermannus Borussus on the Foundation of the University of Aamosc

J.M. Valentin, Zur Wiener Aufführung des Avancinischen Sosa Naufragus

L.M. Kaiser, Carmen Gratitudinis: A Latin Tribute to President Aaron Burr by Benjamin Young Prime

2 Miscellanea

J. IJsewijn, Flavius Guillelmus Raymundus Mithridates

J. IJsewijn, A Verse of J. Foullis Explained

3 Instrumenta

– Instrumentum criticum: J. IJsewijn, Castigationes Erasmianae

– Instrumentum bibliographicum

– Instrumentum lexicographicum

4 Statuta Societatis Internationalis Studiis Neolatinis Provehendis

5 Indices

– Index codicum manu scriptorum

– Index Nominum

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