Humanistica Lovaniensia, Volume XXIX – 1980

ISSN: 07742908

ISBN: 9789061861072

Publication date: January 1, 1980

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Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, published annually, is the leading journal in the field of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Latin. As well as presenting articles on Neo-Latin topics, the journal is a major source for critical editions of Neo-Latin texts with translations and commentaries. Its systematic bibliography of Neo-Latin studies (Instrumentum bibliographicum Neolatinum), accompanied by critical notes, is the standard annual bibliography of publications in the field. The journal is fully indexed (names, mss., Neo-Latin neologisms).

1 Text Editions and Studies

Concetta Bianca, Monumentum laudis: una lettera di Felice Agnolelli a Coluccio Salutati per la dedica del De Fato

J.R. Berrigan, with the Co-operation of G. Tournoy, Gregorii Corrarii Veneti Tragoedia, cui titulus Progne. A Critical Edition and Translation

Paola Scarcia Piacentini, Lettere di un ignoto umanista (Vat. Lat. 2906: personaggi e cultura d’area salernitana)

F.J. Worstbrock, Zur Biographie des Alexander Hegius

Gabriella Mezzanotte, Una nuova testimonianza della fortuna petrarchesca nei Paesi Bassi

D. Stone, Jr., The Herveus of Germanus Brixius

J.H. Bentley, Gerardd Morinck’s Orations on the New Testament

Chr. De Paepe, Une lettre inédite de Janus Gruterus à Hadrianus Marslarius

W.H. Allison and H.C. Schnur, Antun Karamaneo’s Carmen ad Jac. Candidum and the Hvar Theatre

K.-L. Weitzel et J. IJsewijn, Ovidius Hercynius sive I.U. Schwindrazhemii Tristia Thumlingensia

2 Miscellanea

– J.-M. Valentin, Le séminaire de Bologne sur le théâtre néo-latin religieux (28 aoà»t 1979). Résultats et Propositions

– G.P. Dawson, Report on Current Swedenborg Studies

– J. IJsewijn, Theatrum Belgo-Latinum. Notes and Queries

3 In Memoriam Lao Paoletti

3 Instrumenta

– Instrumentum Criticum

1 Iusti Lipsi Epistolae

2 Castigationes Erasmianae, IV

– Instrumentum bibliographicum

– Instrumentum lexicographicum

5 I.A.N.-L.S. News

6 Indices

– Index codicum manuscriptorum

– Index nominum

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