Fundamental and Clinical Aspects

Jef Arnout (Author),

Category: Biomedical Science

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058673350

Publication date: October 1, 2003

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Section 1. New Aspects of platelet physiology

  1. Platelet protease receptors – K. Clemetson

  2. The production of platelets – C. Van Geet and K. Frison
  3. Shear-induced platelet activation – Ph. G. de Groot
  4. Collagen-induced platelet activation – R. Farndale and P. R.-M. Siljander
  5. Amplification loops and signal transduction pathways in platelets – H. Deckmyn, K. Vanhoorelbeke, H. Ulrichts, A. Schoolmeesters, St. Staelens and S. De Meyer
  6. Platelet purinergic receptors – C. Oury and M. F. Hoylaerts
  7. Human platelet ProteoGenomics and its Potential – W. Ouwehand
  8. Platelets, leukocytes and initiation of coagulation – E.S. Breimo and B. Osterud
  9. Platelets and propagation of coagulation – How platelets control surface-exposed procoagulant phospholipids – E. M. Bevers, J.L. Wolfs, P. Comfurius and R.F.A. Zwaal

Section 2. Fibrinolysis and Vascular Biology

  1. Overview of the fibrinolytic system – D.C. Rijken

  2. Plasminogen activator inhibitors: structure-function relations and pathophysiological relevance – P.J. Declerck and A. Gils
  3. Blood coagulation factor XIII: Involvement in Fibrinolysis and Thrombosis – L. Muszbek, Z. Bereczky and E. Katona
  4. Thrombomodulin: A regulator of Coagulation, fibrinolysis, inflammation and cell proliferation – M. Van de Wouwer, E. M. Conway
  5. Do we need other targets for treating angionenic disorders: novel opportunities with PIGF – L. Moons, M. Autiero, S. Plaisance, E.M. Conway, P. Carmeliet, M. Dewerchin
  6. Plasmin and matrix metalloproteinases in arterial restenosis and atherosclerosis – H.R. Lijnen

Section 3. Thrombophilia

  1. Atherothrombosis – P. Verhamme, P. Holvoet

  2. Platelet-leukocyte interaction and atherothrombosis – C. Cerletti, N. Maugeri, V. Evangelista, G. de Gaetano
  3. Genetic environmental interactions in relation to atherothrombosis – R. Volpi, F. Zito, A. de Castelnuovo, M.B. Donati, L. Iaccoviello
  4. Clotting Factor VIII and thrombosis – K. Peerlinck
  5. Homocysteine and risk of cardiovascular disease and venous thrombosis – R. Clarke, M. den Heijer, P. Sherliker, S. Lewington
  6. Antiphospholipid antibodies: prothrombotic mechanisms and laboratory diagnosis – J. Arnout and M. Jankowski
  7. Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia – A. Greinacher, N. Lubenow
  8. Cancer and thrombosis: a two way interaction – M.B. Donati, A. Falanga, R. Lorenzet
  9. Inflammation and thrombosis – N. emeraro, M. Colucci
  10. Pregnancy and thrombosis – I. Martinelli, T.Battaglioli, P. Mannuccio Mannucci

Section 4. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of thrombosis

  1. Diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism – H. Bounameaux and A. Perrier

  2. Thrombophilia parameters: a critical review on which assays to use – K. Jochmans
  3. Treatment and prevention of venous thromboembolism – R. Verhaeghe, L.O. Carreras
  4. Established and new antiplatelet therapies – P. Gresele
  5. Novel thrombolytic agents for treatment of acute myocardial infarction – D. Collen and H.R. Lijnen
  6. Laboratory monitoring of antithrombotics – P. Sié and B. Boneu
  7. Antithrombotic prevention in medical patients – J. Musial and A. Undas
  8. The antithrombotic management of acute coronary syndromes – P. Sinnaeve and F. Van de Werf
  9. Basic and clinical aspects of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) – Marcel Levi
  10. Protective effects of alcohol or wine consumption: wishful thinking? – A. di Castelnuovo, S. Rotondo and G. de Gaetano

Jef Arnout

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