Forensic Odontology

Proceedings of the European IOFOS Millennium Meeting. Leuven Belgium August 23-26 2000

Guy Willems (Author),

Category: Biomedical Science

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058670519

Publication date: July 7, 2000

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21st century quality standards in forensics

Quality standards related to forensics in general dentistry – A. Nordblad
What does the law say? – E. De Valck
Quality assurance guidelines for post mortem identification – S. Benthaus, K. Rötzscher, B. Knell, H. Van Waes, J. Bonnetain, J. Hutt
The liability of the forensic odontologist – Y. Vermylen

How reliable is our dental age estimation?

The impact of diet on age at death determinations based on molar attrition – G.J.R. Maat
A correlation between dental age and bone age – V.M. Philips and I.O.C. Thompson
Age estimation in adults – T. Solheim and S. Kvaal
Identification and use of probabilities in forensic odontology – F. Taroni

Teeth, bite marks and DNA

Human bite mark evidence – D. Sweet
DNA profiling in forensics – J.J. Cassiman
Dental DNA evidence – D. Sweet
Evidential value of bite marks – I.R. Hill
The balance of DNA and bite marks: layer’s point of view – M. Bowers

21st Century techniques and DVI standards

Digital imaging: uses and potential abuses – R. Wood
Teledentistry in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) – S. Kortelainen and E. De Valck
DVI Interpol procedures. The police – J. De Winne
DVI Interpol procedures. The medical examiner – W. Van de Voorde
DVI Interpol procedures. The forensic odontologist – F.Prieels
DMORT – The US. Model for mass fatality incidents – J. Kenney

Free topics in forensics

Identification of A. Hitler from cinematographic documents – M. Perrier
Cranofacial comparison by computer aided device – B. Smeets
Dental age estimation and computers – G. Willems
Child abuse and the dental profession – J. Kenney
The Torgersen case: after 42 years and 5 forensic odontologists – G. Bang, T. Solheim, H. Strømme Koppang

Guy Willems

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