JSTOR’s Path to Open Supports the Book Series ‘Figures of the Unconscious’

21st June, 2024 in Latest news

Launching as a pilot, Path to Open libraries will contribute funds to enable participating presses – including Leuven University Press – to publish new books on JSTOR that will transition from licensed to open access within three years of publication. The initial pilot will produce about one thousand open access monographs. If successful, it will lay the foundation for an entirely new way to fund long-form scholarship while vastly increasing its impact.

The following volumes in the book series ‘Figures of the Unconscious’ have joined the Path to Open program:

  • Thoughts for the Times on Groups and Masses: A Sigmund Freud Museum’s Symposium, Daniela Finzi, Jeanne Wolff Bernstein (eds) (will be announced soon)

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