The Open Book Collective welcomes Leuven University Press

6th February, 2024 in Latest news

We are delighted that Leuven University Press is one of three University Presses to join the OBC this month, with each offering a new Supporter Programme available for university libraries and other supporters to subscribe to.

Find more information about the Leuven University Press’ programme >

The OBC is a charity working to deliver a diverse and sustainable future for open access books and publisher members are crucial to that. OBC believes in collectivism, non-competition, and the need to reimagine the funding of open access books, to move beyond a reliance on Book Processing Charges. The OBC gathers together a range of open access presses and publishing initiatives that fit our membership criteria, creating a trusted group of open access initiatives for libraries to support and for authors and readers to explore. In this way, the OBC assists publishers in securing sustainable revenue streams to fund a fair future for open access books.

Leuven University Press
Nienke Roelants

Open Book Collective