TSEG – Volume 20 – Issue 1 – 2023

ISSN: 15721701

ISBN: 9789462703766

Publication date: April 14, 2023

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TSEG The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History is the Dutch-Flemish journal of social and economic history. The journal publishes articles and reviews in the fields of social and economic history in the broad sense, with a particular but not exclusive focus on the Low Countries.

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**TSEG – Volume 20 – Issue 1 – 2023

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Special Issue Migrants and the Criminal Courts in Western Europe, 1600-1900
Guest-editor: Marion Pluskota

Introduction to the Special Issue
Marion Pluskota

Judging Migrants. Towards a New Research Agenda on Social Control, Local Conflict, and the Judicial Position of Migrants in the Early Modern Dutch Republic
Karlijn Luk and Samantha Sint Nicolaas

Keeping Order – Theft, Sex, and Vagrancy. Gendered Prosecution Patterns in Seventeenth-Century Bern
Tina Adam

A Game of Norms. Migrants, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Early Modern Bologna
Sanne Muurling

The Lure of the City. Migration, Crime, and Urbanization in Amsterdam, 1850-1905 Jeannette Kamp and Marion Pluskota

Removing Local Nuisances, Arresting Masterless Strangers, and Granting ‘Nights on Request’. The Policing of Vagrancy in Late Nineteenth-Century Antwerp and Brussels Margo De Koster and Ayfer Erkul

Data Article

Exploring Slave Trade in Asia. First Steps towards an International Database
Maartje Hids, Pascal Konings, Sam J. Miske, Matthias van Rossum, Merve Tosun, and Hannah de Korte

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