Archief - Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie, 2010, Volume 15

Nummer 1
Preface, Michiel Schuijer [PDF]

Clouds and Circles: Rotational Form in Debussy’s ‘Nuages’, James Hepokoski [PDF]

Time and Money: A New Look at the Mathematical Foundation of the Ars Nova, Dorit Tanay [PDF]

Temporal Aspects of Renaissance Polyphony: Theoretical and Analytical Considerations, Simon van Damme [PDF]

‘Ut luna’: The Moon and the Mensuration Signs in Renaissance Music, Katelijne Schiltz [PDF]

Riding the Horse: Time as a Form Generator in Frescobaldi’s Toccatas, Massimiliano Guido [PDF]

Historic Proportions: A Look at Felix Salzer’s Historical Narrative and Two Analyses of Ockeghem’s Chanson Je n’ay dueil, John Koslovsky [PDF]

From Bars to Inches (to Seconds): Timekeeping in the Music of John Cage, Jochem Valkenburg [PDF]

The Drift of Time in Elliott Carter’s Anniversary, Tiina Koivisto [PDF]

Nummer 2
“Japanese in Tradition, Western in Innovation”: Influences from Traditional Japanese Music in Toru Takemitsu’s Piano Works, Niels Chr. Hansen [PDF]

For Whom the Bells Toll: A Polyphonic Fragment in Thomas Mann’s Der Erwählte, Sabine Lichtenstein [PDF]

Leren componeren leren?: Praktijk en methodiek in het Nederlandse compositieonderwijs, Claudia Rumondor [PDF]

Michiel Schuijer, Analyzing Atonal Music: Pitch-Class : Set Theory and Its Contexts, Jonathan Dunsby [PDF]

Nummer 3
The Poetics of Music Theory and the Writings of Rameau and Hauptmann, Maryam A. Moshaver [PDF]

The French Time Devices Revisited, Beverly Jerold [PDF]

‘A far higher power’: Gedanken zu ideengeschichtlichen Vorgängermodellen der pitch-class set theory, Stephan Lewandowski [PDF]

Tobias Janz, Klangdramaturgie: Studien zur theatralen Orchesterkomposition in Wagners Ring des Nibelungen, Kasper van Kooten [PDF]

Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Musically Sublime: Indeterminacy, Infinity, Irresolvability, Barbara Titus [PDF]

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