Discontinued and Ceased journals

The following journals are no longer published by Leuven University Press. The journals have either been transferred to another publisher or have ceased publication. The issues published by Leuven University Press can be found on the mentioned platform/website.

DiGeSt Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies, Print ISSN: 2593-0273, Online ISSN: 2593-0281 – transferred to www.digest.ugent.be, issues available Open Access on JSTOR
European Council Studies, Print ISSN: 2684-3390, Online ISSN: 2684-4966 – transferred to https://www.eurocomment.eu/
HEROM Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, Print ISSN 2294-4273, Online ISSN 2294-4281 – transferred to https://www.heromjournal.com/
Transdisciplinary Insights, Online ISSN 2593-0338 – transferred to https://rega.kuleuven.be/if/education-training/tdi/transdisciplinary-insights