Sources of Regionalism in the Nineteenth-Century

Architecture, Art and Literature

Edited by Linda Santvoort, Jan De Maeyer, and Tom Verschaffel

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Edited volume - hardback

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Architectural concepts and styles seem to flourish from the most local of contexts to the global. This book investigates the regional, often conceived today as a late nineteenth-century phenomenon, primarily on account of the preservation and restoration movements that arose. An interdisciplinary approach to regionalism, as manifested not only in architecture but also in art and literature, necessitates a more thorough examination of the complexity and multilayered quality of the phenomenon. The research is limited in time to the nineteenth century plus the years leading up to the First World War, and in place to Western Europe, with an emphasis on Belgium, France and England, and to a lesser extent on the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Derived from the workshop ‘The Sources of Regionalism’ (Ghent, 2004) held by the FWO research group World Views, Cultural Identities and Architecture in Western Europe, 1815-1940, the essays in this book examine the meaning of regionalism in architecture, art, and literature, its sources, and its cultural and historical background.

With contributions by: R. Colls, Y. Schoonjans, G. Palmaerts, B. Mihaïl, J. McKean, D. De Geest, L. Van Santvoort, J. De Maeyer, E. Van Impe, E. Storm

Linda Van Santvoort, Jan De Maeyer & Tom Verschaffel

Architecture and Regional Identity
Robert Colls

Regional Architecture as an Element of Cosmopolitanism in César Daly's Vision of Eclecticism
Yves Schoonjans

Nineteenth-Century Regionalism and the Idea of Decentralisation in the Arts
Geert Palmaerts

Nationalism and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century France:
the Example of the French Renaissance Revival
Benoît Mihail

Glasgow: from 'Universal' to 'Regionalist' City and beyond, 1860-1900
John McKean

The Case of Regional Literature as a Provocation for Literary Studies
Dirk de Geest, Wiel Kusters, Tom Sintobin & EvelineVanfraussen

'Back to Nature': from Cottage to Farmstead
Linda Van Santvoort

Regionalism, Secularisation and the Emancipation of St Luke Architecture in Belgium, 1900-1918/-
Jan De Maeyer

Regionalism, Rationalism and Modernity in the Early Twentieth-Century St Luke Movement. Bulletin des métiers d' art, the Arts and Crafts Movement and 'Les leçons de l'art local', 1901-1914
Ellen Van Impe

Regionalism and High Culture: the Case of Painting, 1890-1914
Eric Storm





Format: Edited volume - hardback

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ISBN: 9789058676498

Publication: July 20, 2008

Series: KADOC-Artes 9

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Jan De Maeyer is full professor at KU Leuven and director of KADOC KU Leuven, Documentation and Research Centre for Religion, Culture and Society. He is president of the Belgian Historical Institute in Rome and author of several publications on political and social Catholicism, material Christianity, and the development of religious institutions.
Linda Van Santvoort is PhD in Art History and Professor at the U.Gent. Her research focuses on architecture and conservation in the 19th and 20th centuries. Linda Van Santvoort is Professor of Architectural History and Heritage at Ghent University.
Tom Verschaffel is professor of cultural history at KU Leuven.