Aquinas and Problems of his Time

Gerard Verbeke and Daniël Verhelst

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Edited volume - free ebook

The title of this book calls to mind the colloquium, organised from May 16 to May 19, 1974, in Louvain, by the Institute of Medieval Studies, in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of St Thomas. The book tries to approach the historical context of Aquinas's thought; it endeavours to understand the thinking of St Thomas against his socio-cultural background and to bring to light his attitudes and his reactions to the problems of his time.


Chapter I

Aquinas and the occidental World

Genicot Léopold, Le De Regno: spéculation ou réalisme?

Harding Alan, The Reflection of Thirteenth-Century Legal Growth in Saint Thoma's Writings

Swiezawski Stefan, Quelques déformations de la pensée de St. Thomas dans la tradition thomiste

Chapter II

Aquinas and the Jews

Broadie Alexander, Medieval Jewry through the Eyes of Aquinas

Eckert Willehad Paul, Theologie und Rechtsprechung hinsichtlich der Juden im 13. Jh

Bertola Ermenegildo, Mosé Maimonide e Tommaso d'Aquino di fronte alla prova razionale della esistenza di Dio

Blumenkranz Bernhard, Le De regimine Judaeorum: ses modèles, son exemple

Pinès Shlomo, Saint Thomas et la pensée juive médiévale: quelques notations

Sermoneta Josef, Pour une histoire du thomisme juif

Chapter III

Aquinas and the Islamic World

Gardet Louis, La connaissance que Thomas d'Aquin put avoir du monde islamique

Van Riet Simone, La Somme contre les Gentils et la polémique islamo-chrétienne

Gomez Nogales Salvador, Saint Thomas, Averroes et l'averroisme

Chapter IV

Aquinas as Theologian and Philosopher

Walgrave J.H., The Use of Philosophy in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas

Verbeke Gerard, Man as a 'Frontier' according to Aquinas

Index nominum propriorum

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Publication: January 01, 1976

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