Summa (Quaestiones ordinariae) art. XLVII-LII

Henry of Ghent and edited by Markus L. Führer

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Volume 30 of the Henrici de Gandavo Opera Omnia series is devoted to Henry’s Summa quaestionum ordinariarum, articles 47-52. This section of Henry’s Summa deals with the action of the (divine) will; the divine will in relation to the divine intellect; divine beatitude; passion in relation to the divine being; the differences between the divine attributes; and the order of the divine attributes. The critical edition of the text is accompanied by a detailed introduction to the manuscripts and to Henry’s sources.


The Editions and Manuscripts
The Editions
The Manuscripts
The Text Examined Exteriorly: Historical and Codicological Elements used for the Establishment of the Text
The Text Examined Interiorly: The Relationships among the Manuscripts, Established by a General Test Collation
Manuscript 8 (Paris, Bibl. Nat., lat. 15355), Independent of the University Tradition
Manuscripts TOULOUSE, Bibl. Munic. 199 and PARIS, Bibl. Nat., lat. 14312: Two Manuscripts Possibly Copied from the Apograph
The First Parisian Exemplar
The Second Parisian Exemplar
The Reconstruction of the Critical Text The References in Summa, art. 1-5
Previous Editions of the Summa, art. 1-5
The Genesis of the Exemplars, Represented by a Diagram
Technique of the Edition
Sigla of the Manuscripts

SUMMA, art. 1-5
art. 1: de possibilitate sciendi
art. 2: de modo sciendi
art. 3: de qualitate scibilium
art. 4: de appetitu sciendi
art. 5: de studio sciendi

Works Cited by Henry
Onomastic Table
Manuscripts Cited
Quoted Publications
Table of Photographs
Table of Contents

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Publication: January 25, 2008

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 2: Henrici de Gandavo Opera Omnia 30

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Markus L. Führer is Professor of Medieval Philosophy at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, USA.