Left Catholicism, 1943-1955

Catholics and Society in Western Europe at the Point of Liberation

Edited by Gerd Rainer Horn

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Edited volume - paperback

This volume constitutes the first attempt to analyse the phenomenon of Western European Left Catholicism from a comparative and transnational perspective. Decisively shaped by the turbulent atmosphere of war, occupation and resistance, the years 1943-1955 gave rise to a most unusual flowering of progressive initiatives in Catholic politics, theology and apostolic missions. Though suffering severe setbacks in the deep freeze of Cold War politics, mid-century Western European Left Catholicism was not without influence in the subsequent emergence of Latin American Liberation Theology and the deliberations of Vatican II.

Emmanuel Gerard and Gerd-Rainer Horn

Left Catholicism in Western Europe in the 1940s
Gerd-Rainer Horn

The French Catholic Left and the Political Parties
Jean-Claude Delbreil

Left Wing Catholicism in France. From Catholic Action to the Political Left: the Mouvement Populaire des Familles
Bruno Duriez

Left Catholicism and Christian Progressivism in France (1945-1955)
Yvon Tranvouez

The Milieu of Left Wing Catholics in Belgium (1940s-1950s)
Jean-Louis Jadoulle

The Témoignage of the Worker Priests.Contextual Layers of the Pioneer Epoch (1941-1955
Oscar Cole-Arnal

Christian Movements and Parties of the Left in Italy (1938-1958)
Antonio Parisella

"Left Catholicism" and the Experiences "on the Frontier" of the Church and Italian Society (1939-1958)
Giorgio Vecchio

Socialism out of Christian Responsibility. The German Experiment of Left Catholicism (1945-1949)
Andreas Lienkamp

Multi-Faceted Relations between Christian Trade Unions and Left Catholicism in Europe
Patrick Pasture

From Permission to Prohibition. The Impact of the Changing International Context on Left Catholicism in Europe
Peter Van Kemseke

Left Catholicism in Europe in the 1940s. Elements of an Interpretation
Martin Conway


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Publication: January 15, 2001

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