Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Memory of Jozef IJsewijn

Dirk Sacré and Gilbert Tournoy

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Edited volume - paperback

Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Memory of Jozef IJsewijn

Marc van Rooij, In memoriam Iosephi IJsewijn

  • Dirk Sacré, Ritratto di Jozef Ijsewijn (1932-1998)

  • Gilbert Tournoy, Bibliography of Jozef Ijsewijn (1956-2000)

  • Angela Fritsen, Ludovico Lazzarelli's Fasti Christianae religionis: Recipient and Context of an Ovidian Poem

  • Gilbert and Godelieve Tournoy-Thoen, Giovanni Gigli and the Renaissance of the Classical Epithalamium in England

  • Marcus de Schepper, April in Paris (1514): J.L. Vives Editing B. Guarinus. A. New Vives 'Princeps'. A New Early Vives Letter and the First Poem in Praise of Vives

  • Marc van der Poel, Erasmus, Rhetoric and Theology: The Encomium matrimonii

  • Ari Wesseling, In Praise of Brabant, Holland, and the Habsburg Expansion: Barlandus' Survey of the Low Countries (1524)

  • Monique Mund-Dopchie, Les explorations d'Hannon de Carthage et de Pythéas de Marseille: lectures plurielles de témoignages fragmentaires au XVIe et au XVIIe siècle

  • Marc Laureys, Theory and Practice of the Journey to Italy in the 16th century: Stephanus Pighius' Hercules Prodicius

  • Jeanine de Landtsheer, From North to South: Some New Documents on Lipsius' Journey from Leiden to Liège

  • Jan Papy, The Scottish Doctor William Barclay, His Album amicorum and His Correspondece with Justus Lipsius

  • Toon Van Houdt, Just Pricing and Profit Making in Late Scholastic Economic Thought

  • Hans van de Venne, A Greek Xenion in Latin Dress: Nicolaus a Wassenaer and Theodorus Schrevelius

  • Andries Welkenhuysen, Wendelinus versifex: The latin Poetry of a 17th -Century Polyhistor

  • Arthur C. Eyffinger, For He Rides the Surf of the Mighty Tide

  • Ingrid A.R. De Smet, Town and Gown in the Dutch Golden Age: The Menippean Satires of Jan Bodecher Benningh (1631) and 'Amatus Fornacius' (1633)

  • Dirk Sacré, Melissomachia: An Unpublished Epic from the Brussels Jesuit College (1652)

  • Noël Golvers, Daniel Papebrochius, S.J. and his Proempticon to Three Flemish Jesuits Leaving for the China Mission (Louvain, 2 December 1654)

  • Rudolf De Smet, 'Displiceant multis, multis mea forte placebunt': Janus De Bisschop (fl. 1686-1700), deux poèmes néo-latins inédits et quelques lettres destinées à Jacobus Gronovius

  • Michiel Verweij, The Liber congregationis maioratus Silveducensis: A Register of a 17th-century Leuven Student Fraternity

  • Paul Thoen, Rollariensia Latina (1775-1875): Une première exploration

  • Christian Laes, Imitating Petronius: H.C. Schnur's Petronian Supplement

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Publication: August 28, 2000

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Dirk Sacré is professor of Latin and Neo-Latin at KU Leuven.
Gilbert Tournoy is emeritus professor of Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin at KU Leuven.