The Belgian Photonovel, 1954-1985

An Introduction

Clarissa Colangelo

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The importance of the Belgian contribution to the history of the photonovel

The Belgian photonovel is the missing link in the amazing history of the photonovel, a comics-inspired form of visual narrative that combines elements from very different genres and media, ranging from literary melodrama, cinema, and of course comics. This monograph discloses the specific Belgian contribution to the genre, in close connection with the singularities of the Belgian women’s and general magazines where these photonovels appeared. If the photonovel is generally considered a typically French or Italian genre, this study demonstrates the importance of a different tradition, which appropriated the foreign models in a very original way. Belgian photonovels are distinct, not only because they tell other kinds of stories, but also because they interact with other types of magazines in ways that are very different from the mainstream forms of the genre in Italy and France. Finally, this lavishly illustrated study is also the first in scrutinizing the technical aspects of magazine printing techniques in the development of the photonovel.

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Format: Monograph - free ebook - PDF

250 pages

Illustrated, with colour section

ISBN: 9789461665119

Publication: September 01, 2023

Series: Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels

Languages: English

Clarissa Colangelo holds a PhD in literary and cultural studies and is affiliated with KU Leuven, where she is conducting research on the visual aspects of magazine culture in collaboration with the Belgian National Library (KBR).