Transdisciplinary Insights 2020

Edited by Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Andreas De Block, and Griet Ceulemans

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Transdisciplinary Insights (TI) is an open access journal dedicated to giving a forum to transdisciplinary research and systems thinking. The journal communicates the results of cross-disciplinary collaboration by masters students and early career researchers, stimulated by the KU Leuven Honours Programme, in close interaction with societal actors. This ambitious journal will present refreshing outside-the-box insights and new ideas that have the potential to find their way to the established research environment. All contributions are peer-reviewed and meet academic quality standards.

Open Access e-journal
Annually (December)
Online ISSN: 2593-0338

Editorial: The Value and Timing Context of a Living Paper

The Impact of Community Health Workers on HIV Therapy Outcome in Sub-Saharan Africa
Lotte Michielsen, Anneleen Kiekens, Anne-Mieke Vandamme

Co-creating a Young Persons’ Guide to a Sustainable Future: Analysis of Learning Steps in a Transdisciplinary Honours Course
Inge Smeers, Jonas Himpens, Louise Grancitelli, Anne Snick

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Get a Deeper Insight in the Context of Ebola Virus Outbreaks in War-torn Regions: A Comprehensive Guide for NGOs
Jef Baelen, Karolien Coolen, Benoit Deforche, Hanne-Lise Frateur, Joachim Langeraet, Imogen Van Oystaeyen, Tony Wawina-Bokalanga, Anne-Mieke Vandamme

Fostering Transdisciplinary Collaboration Through Transdisciplinary Literature Reviews: Investigating the Accessibility of mHealth Technologies
Ana Barbosa Mendes, Bert Vandewalle, Danai Andreadi, Jan Coppens, Jurgen Vercauteren

Tackling the Challenge of Inclusive Cities from an Urban Food Perspective
E. Anthoni, A. Casteels, Y. Erol, K. Kubesova, J. Ossewaarde, X. Sun, M.Valencia, N. Yang, Q. Wang, N. Canoy, K. Hannes

Youngsters’ Sustainable Food Choices in the Supermarket
Charles Haverbeke, Joëlle Housmans, Isabel Marchand, Marina Mérola Teixeira, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Katrien Zuallaert, and Liesbeth Van Meulder

Training Non-Directiveness? A Transdisciplinary Survey of Medical Students’ Perspective Towards Prenatal Counseling and Down Syndrome
Thomas Dilen, Thomas Lefevre, Bram Mariën, Benjamin Munster, Fran Neven, Gaëtan Van Deursen, Jill Van In, Marie Verberckmoes, Nynke van Uffelen, Eline Zenner

Towards a Resilient and Equitable Society: A Transdisciplinary Perspective
Eduardo A. Bracho Montes de Oca, Iris Brand, Dumitru Malcoci, Oscar Neyrinck, Kerim S. Zurel, Ze Wen Wu, Philippe Vandenbroeck, Bart Vanwyngaerden, ToTran Nguyen

Alternative Agri-Food Networks and Their Role in Re-Localization of Food and Creation of Shared Value: The Case of the Leuven Food Hub
Marylaura Acuña Alvarado, Paulien Denis, Marie Azzimonti, Lariza Castillo Vysokolan, Sènankpon Tcheton

Format: Journal - e

Publication: December 28, 2020

Series: Transdisciplinary Insights

Languages: English