Pre-Summit Briefings & European Council Notes 2020/5

Peter Ludlow

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Journal - e + print

EuroComment’s Pre-Summit Briefings and European Council Notes are uniquely valuable. Launched twenty years ago and based on a wide range of published and unpublished sources, including interviews with key players, they provide a continuous, highly readable and independent narrative of the politics and policies of the European Council, the EU’s principal decision-making institution.

From February 2020 onwards, the Pre-Summit Briefings and the European Council Notes will be published by Leuven University Press under the name European Council Studies. The mission and ambition will remain unchanged. A subscription to European Council Studies covers both the Pre-Summit Briefings and the European Council Notes. European Council Studies remains an online series that follows the meeting pace of the EU Council, resulting in a minimum of 4 issues and a maximum of 10 issues annually. A print edition is also available.

This new series by Leuven University Press should be of interest to everybody inside or outside government who is involved in or with the European Union.

Online journal with a print edition
4 to 10 issues annually
Print ISSN:  2684-3390
Online ISSN: 2684-4966
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Format: Journal - e + print

Size: 254 × 178 mm

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Publication: July 17, 2020

Series: European Council Studies 5

Languages: English