A Gust of Photo-Philia

Photography in the Art Museum

Alexandra Moschovi

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The first transnational history of photography’s accommodation in the art museum
Photography was long regarded as a “middle-brow” art by the art institution. Yet, at the turn of the millennium, it became the hot, global art of our time. In this book—part institutional history, part account of shifting photographic theories and practices—Alexandra Moschovi tells the story of photography’s accommodation in and as contemporary art in the art museum. Archival research of key exhibitions and the contrasting collecting policies of MoMA, Tate, the Guggenheim, the V&A, and the Centre Pompidou offer new insights into how art as photography and photography as art have been collected and exhibited since the 1930s. Moschovi argues that this accommodation not only changed photography’s status in art, culture, and society, but also played a significant role in the rebranding of the art museum as a cultural and social site.  

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).


A Foot in the Museum’s Door 
A Gust of Photo-Philia 
The Question of the Medium 
The Structure of the Book 

1. Photography Itself 
What is “Camera Esthetics”? 
A “Universal” Language 
Photography Itself 
“More Than One Photography” 
New Stories of Modern Art 
Navigating an “Ocean of Images” 

2. The Art(s) of Photography 
Art Education for “All Classes” 
A Collection for the Art of Photography 
Between Form and Function 
Toward the “Bigger Picture” 
Pluralism and Participation 

3. Art as Photography, Photography as Art 
Art as Photography 
The Unique Original Copy 
Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? 
A Photo-Philic Turn 
Embracing the Vernacular 
Photographies and Histories 
Engaging New Audiences 

4. Postmedia Pictures 
A “Postmedia” Collection in the Making 
A Global Museum 
Hybrid Images 
Accommodating the “Polymorphous” Photographic 
A New Poetics of the Photographic Image 

5. Between Images
Photography and the French State 
A Postmodern Museum 
A Collection for the Nation 
Episode 1: Plasticity and Hybridity 
Episode 2: Passages Between Media 
Episode 3: What is (Museum) Photography After All? 


Format: Monograph - ebook

332 pages

ISBN: 9789461663696

Publication: December 17, 2020

Series: Lieven Gevaert Series

Languages: English

Alexandra Moschovi is associate professor of photography and digital media in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at the University of Sunderland.