HEROM Volume 4 Issue 1, 2015

Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture

Edited by Jeroen Poblome, Daniele Malfitana, and John Lund

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HEROM is an online journal presenting innovative contributions to the study of material culture produced, exchanged, and consumed within the spheres of the Hellenistic kingdoms and the Roman world. The journal publishes papers in the full range of the scholarly field and in all relevant academic disciplines within the arts, humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences. HEROM creates a bridge between material culture specialists and the wider scientific community, with an interest in how humans interacted with and regarded artefacts from the late 4th century BC to the 7th century AD.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: New publisher for the Journal HEROM from 2019 onwards

We regret to inform you that HEROM Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture will no longer be published by Leuven University Press. From January 2019 onwards the journal will be published by the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of the National Research Council (IBAM-CNR) in Catania, Italy.

The final volume published by Leuven University Press, volume 7, appeared as one single issue in November 2018. This issue combines the Spring and Fall issue. All back issues of the journal published by Leuven University Press are available for download.

Go to www.heromjournal.it for issues published by Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of the National Research Council (IBAM-CNR).

Table of Contents, HEROM Volume 4 Issue 1, May 2015

Editorial Preface - HEROM Shows Its True Colours!
Jeroen Poblome, John Lund, Daniele Malfitana

Ceramics, Foodways and Local ‘Sub-Cultures’ in North-Western Iberia at the Height of the Roman Empire: The Castro Do Vieito Case Study
António José Marques da Silva

Dovecotes from the Roman and Byzantine Periods: An Overview
Sophia Germanidou

Body Piercing during the Late Iron Age: The Case of Roman Amphorae from Toulouse (France)
Matthew E. Loughton
Laurence Alberghi

Turning over a New Leaf: Leaf Impressions of Styrax Officinalis L. and Vitis Vinifera L. on Late Roman Sagalassos Amphorae
Philip Bes
Leo Vanhecke

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Format: Journal - e

172 pages

ISBN: 9789461651587

Publication: May 18, 2015

Series: HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture 4.1

Languages: English

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Jeroen Poblome is full professor at KU Leuven and member of the Sagalassos Archeological Research Project since 1991. He was director from 2013 to 2023.