Gothic Revival Worldwide

A.W.N. Pugin's Global Influence

Edited by Timothy Brittain Catlin, Jan De Maeyer, and Martin Bressani

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Edited volume - hardback

Pugin’s global influence on church architecture and material reform
The year 2012 marked the bicentenary of the gothic revival architect A.W.N. Pugin. His influence as a designer not only spread fast globally, but also played a leading part in the transformation of material culture from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. Pugin’s work has been comprehensively reevaluated over the last decade. In this volume sixteen leading scholars from across the globe discuss Pugin’s direct influence on church architecture and furnishing. Beautifully illustrated with a large selection of new photography, Gothic Revival Worldwide, the successor to the volume Gothic Revival published in 2000, reveals how Pugin’s ideas played a profound role in the changing face of material reform in church architecture as an expression of the evolving identity of the churches across the world from North America to Mongolia and the South Pacific.

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Stephen Bann (Bristol University), Jessica Basciano (University of St. Thomas, Houston), G.A. Bremner (University of Edinburgh), Martin Bressani (McGill University, Montréal), Karen Burns (University of Melbourne), Timothy Brittain-Catlin (University of Kent), Peter Coffman (Carleton University, Ottawa), Thomas Coomans (KU Leuven), Jan De Maeyer (KU Leuven / KADOC), Candace Iron (York University, Toronto), Stephen Kite (Cardiff University, Wales), Alex Lawrey (independent scholar), Peter N. Lindfield (University of Stirling), Cameron Macdonell (Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, ETH Zurich), M. Stephen McNair, Jr. (McNair Historic Preservation), Gilles Maury (École National Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage, Lille), Henrik Schoenefeldt (University of Kent), Richard A. Sundt (University of Oregon), Malcolm Thurlby (York University, Toronto)


A.W.N. Pugin and his Historiography
Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan De Maeyer and Martin Bressani


Pugin - The French Connection
Stephen Bann

Notre-Dame de Bonsecours (1840-1844) and the Catholic Context of the French Gothic Revival
Jessica Basciano

The True Disciple. Jean-Baptiste Bethune and A.W.N. Pugin: A Summary of a Complex Relationship
Gilles Maury


Adapting Pugin's True Principles to Canada. William Hay's Architectural Theory
Candace Iron

Meanings of Gothic in Atlantic Canada, c. 1840-1890
Peter Coffman

The Roman Catholic Churches of Joseph Connolly (1840-1904). The Adaptation of A.W.N. Pugin's True Principles and Aspects of Irish Identity in Ontario
Malcolm Thurlby

The American Pugins. Ralph Adams Cram and Bertram Goodhue
Cameron Macdonell

Richard Upjohn and the Gothic Revival in Antebellum Alabama
Stephen McNair

From Late Gothic to Gothic Revival in Latin America
Richard A. Sundt

Global Gothic
Karen Burns

Gothic In Extremis. Missions, Mediation, and the Case of the Patteson Memorial Chapel in the South Pacific
G. A. Bremner

Pugin Worldwide. From Les Vrais Principes and the Belgian St Luke Schools to Northern China and Inner Mongolia
Thomas Coomans


Architectural and Scientific Principles in the Design of the Palace of Westminster
Henrik Schoenefeldt

The (In)dignity of Labour. Craft, Contrasts and Conflict in Pugin's Gothic Revival
Alex Lawrey

A.W.N. Pugin's “True Principles” Gothic Furniture. Evolutionary, Revolutionary, Reactionary?
Peter N. Lindfield

Shaping the Darks. Ruskin's “Energetic Shadow”
Stephen Kite

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Publication: January 18, 2017

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Jan De Maeyer is full professor at KU Leuven and director of KADOC KU Leuven, Documentation and Research Centre for Religion, Culture and Society. He is president of the Belgian Historical Institute in Rome and author of several publications on political and social Catholicism, material Christianity, and the development of religious institutions.
Martin Bressani is an architectural historian and director of McGill University’s School of Architecture in Montréal.
Timothy Brittain-Catlin is reader in architecture at the Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent.
In 2013 G. A. Bremner's majesterial 'Imperial Gothic', published by Yale, told the story of the dissemination of the Gothic Revival during its heroic phase in the early- to mid-Victorian period throughout the far-flung British Empire. The new book reviewed here expands the story both geographically and intellectually, including parts of the world which few of us would normally associate with the Gothic Revival. It consists of sixteen multi-authored essays whose origin derives from a major international conference in 2012 hosted by the University of Kent and directed by Timothy Brittain-Catlin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of A.W N. Pugin's birth. It is prefaced by an illuminating introduction by the editors which points up the truly remarkable burgeoning of Pugin studies over the past couple of decades...
Geoff Brandwood, Ecclesiology Today, 55 & 56, 2017

These essays serve not only to demonstrate Pugin's extraordinary reach but also add significantly to our understanding of Gothic Revival architecture.
Judith Hill, Times Literary Supplement, 10 March 2018
This useful and well-illustrated book covers a huge amount of ground: the Gothic Revival in France (closely associated with religious revival); the complex relationship between Pugin and his Belgian disciple Baron Jean-Baptiste-Charles-Francois Bethune; and Puginism in the Americas and the Pacific. [...] this is a welcome, attractive and interesting addition to Puginian literature.
James Stevens Curl, Architectural History 60, 2017,

Het KADOC aan de KU Leuven heeft een wezenlijke bijdrage geleverd aan de herontdekking en vooral de waardering van de neogotiek. Een decennium geleden startte die ‘revival’ met uitvoerige aandacht voor de neogotische architectuur, de kunst van de ingenieurs. Met deze bijdrage wordt zeer uitvoerig aandacht besteed aan de in 2012 twee eeuwen geleden geboren Britse conifeer van de neogotiek, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, bekend van zijn ontwerp voor de Houses Of Parliament in Westminster. [...] Vooral het hoofdstuk over België is intrigerend omdat via de missionering Pugins neogotiek het noorden van China en binnen Mongolië heeft bereikt. [...] Het ganse boek is schitterend geïllustreerd., 27/07/2017

The essays are carefully selected to make a volume that speaks to Pugin’s global legacy with a series of case studies drawn from every hemisphere.
David Frazer Lewis, True Principles. The journal of the Pugin Society, Summer 2017. Vol 5, No 2