Between Text and Tradition

Pietro d’Abano and the Reception of Pseudo-Aristotle’s Problemata Physica in the Middle Ages

Edited by Pieter De Leemans and Maarten J.F.M. Hoenen

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New insights into Pietro d’Abano’s unique approach to translations.

The commentary of the Italian physician and philosopher Pietro d’Abano on Bartholomew of Messina’s Latin translation of Pseudo-Aristotle’s Problemata Physica, published in 1310, constitutes an important historical source. In a section of the corpus Aristotelicum that was not part of the standard curriculum at the medieval university, the commentary of Pietro d’Abano investigates the complex relationship between text, translation, and commentary. The eight articles in this volume provide valuable insights into the manner in which Pietro d’Abano deals with the problems of a translated text. They emphasize the idiosyncrasy of his approach in comparison to his contemporaries and successors, the particularities of his commentary in light of the habitual exegetical practices applied in the teaching of curricular texts, as well as the influence of philosophical traditions outside the strict framework of the medieval arts faculty.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Contributors : Joan Cadden (University of California, Davis), Gijs Coucke (KU Leuven), Béatrice Delaurenti (École des Hautes Études et Sciences Sociales – Paris), Pieter De Leemans (KU Leuven), Françoise Guichard-Tesson (KU Leuven), Danielle Jacquart (École Pratique des Hautes Études – Paris), Christian Meyer (Centre d’Études supérieures de la Renaissance – Tours), Iolanda Ventura (CNRS – Université d’Orléans)
Notes about the contributors

Maarten J.F.M. HOENEN -; Pieter DE LEEMANS
Pietro d'Abano between Text and Tradition: Introduction

Pietro d'Abano: médecin ou philosophe?

Ego, Petrus Paduanus, philosophie minimus alumpnorum. Pietro d'Abano's Preface to his Expositio Problematum
Sex and Sensibilities in the Medieval Problemata Tradition: Pietro d'Abano and His Readers

From Abstinence to Promiscuity: Men, Beasts and Eunuchs in the Expositio Problematum of Pietro d'Abano

La compassion selon Pietro d'Abano: contamination et action à distance

Christian MEYER
Entre musique et philosophie de la nature: le défi de la section XIX des Problemata Physica aristotéliciens

Botany, Dietetics, and Pharmacy in Pietro d'Abano's Expositio Problematum: On Sections XX, XXI, and XXII

Pietro d'Abano traduit et recyclé par Évrart de Conty

Index codicum manu scriptorum

Index nominum

Format: Edited volume - paperback

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Publication: July 25, 2016

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 46

Languages: English

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Maarten J.F.M. Hoenen, professor of philosophy, is Vice Rector of the University of Basel. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on the history of late medieval philosophy and theology.

Pieter De Leemans is professor at the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Philosophy (KU Leuven) and academic secretary of the Aristotles Latinus. - Hoger Instituut van Wijsbegeerte, KU Leuven