Scottish Latin Authors in Print up to 1700

A Short-Title List

Roger Green, Philip Burton, and Deborah Ford

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The first-ever bibliography of Scottish Latin authors in print

The work of the Latin writers of Scotland has suffered a neglect which its variety, copiousness, and intrinsic interest do not deserve. Their importance, and the importance of Latin as a literary language, is beginning to be recognized by scholars. Researchers from the universities of Glasgow and St. Andrews have now prepared the first-ever bibliography of Scottish Latin in print - unique both in its focus on the many works written in Latin and in the way in which Scottish writers are specifically targeted. Covering the years c. 1480-1700, this new reference tool carefully catalogues the work of some 500 writers, in both prose and verse. Thousands of works are named in a clear and original format, with their titles not so truncated as to be obscure (as sometimes happens in English ‘short-title' catalogues). The editors take advantage of recent research, and many poetic works hitherto unknown or ignored are referenced. This ground-breaking reference work will be essential not only for those who study the progress of humanism and the history and literature of early modern Scotland, but also for those engaged in various kinds of research into the events and ideas of continental Europe, with which Scotland was closely linked in many ways.




List of locations

Bibliography of Scottish Latin Authors in Print

Appendix 1: Juridical Disputations

Appendix 2: Medical, Philosophical and Theological Theses

I. Index of titles

II. Index of printers, booksellers and publishers

III. Index of names

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Publication: June 15, 2012

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 30

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Deborah Ford has degrees in both classics and theology and teaches in Union Theological College, Belfast.

Philip Burton is reader in Latin and early Christian studies in the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham.

Roger Green is professor of humanities (emeritus) in the University of Glasgow.

'Scottish Latin Authors in Print up to 1700: A Short-Title List' covers around 500 authors from the late fifteenth through to the beginning of the eighteenth century. Given the recent interest in Older Scottish Latinity, this bibliography is an invaluable resource for scholars.
Year's Work in English Studies, vol 94, no 1, 2015


This is a book which should be on the shelves of all major learned libraries and is likely to be an invaluable resource to future generations of scholars. May their numbers grow.
Robert Crawford, University of St. Andrews, Neo-Latin News Vol. 62, Nos. 3&4


Robert Crawford described Latin as Scotland's literary 'lost continent'. With this timely and extensive addition to the field, students and scholars of Scotland's rich Latinate history now possess a guide to aid them in exploring and reclaiming this fertile terrain.
Ralph McLean, University of Glasgow, The Innes Review 64 (2013) 240-42