Curating the European University

Exposition and Public Debate

Edited by Maarten Simons, Mathias Decuypere, Joris Vlieghe, and Jan Masschelein

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Edited volume - paperback

The university is an institution that goes back to the Middle Ages. As universitas magistrorum et scholarium the university was a community of scholars and students gathered around books and preoccupied with study and the search for truth. But what is the role of the university today? The meaning of teaching, study, and research has changed. Screens are replacing books, online learning environments are replacing lecture halls, and students are becoming learners. In the context of a growing emphasis on innovation and development, competition among institutions, and the privatisation of knowledge, the role of communities of scholars and students is changing. Some argue that the university is entering a new phase, others claim that we face the end of the university. To address these issues a conference was organized with an exposition of projects involving new ways of publishing, alternative organizations of departments, proposals for open access and open source, and university architecture and accessibility. Each of the contributors reflects, from their exhibited project, on the challenges the university is facing today. More than a catalogue of different projects, Curating the European University offers a unique contribution to the public debate on the role of the university.


Curating the European University: On Experiments, Roundtables and Containers
Maarten Simons, Joris Vlieghe, Mathias Decuypere and Jan Masschelein

Studying (Architecture) in Dialogue with Disability - Reflections on the Public Role of the University
Ann Heylighen and Greg Nijs

Hamburg Dialogues
Sinah Mielich and Susanne Umbach

Universal Design University: Removing Barriers and Enhancing Accessibility
Justin J.W. Powell

Cismoc Achievements relating to the Presence of Islam in Europe: Analyses of an Unthought Reality and Concrete Investments in Education and Relations, Aimed at a Reciprocal Co-inclusion
Brigitte Maréchal andFelice Dassetto

Electronic Media and the Participation of Researchers in Public Debate
Christophe Mincke, Michel Hubert, Émilie Vossen and Stefan De Corte

What is the Meaning of Openness for the Universities?
Ignasi Labastida

Department 21
Bianca Elzenbaumer, Fabio Franz, Samara Scott, Anna Sikorska, Anais Tondeur, Elizabeth Walker, Henrik Potter, Polly Hunter, Bethany Wells, Prapat Jiwarangsan, Stephen Knott, Xavier Antin and Yesomi Umolu

European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults - A Contribution to Diversity in the European Academic Landscape
Andreas Fejes, Henning Salling Olesen and Danny Wildemeersch

Process Oriented Teacher Education as an Alternative to the Competence-Based Approach to Education and Training
Rudi Kotnik

Universitas Magistrorum et Scholarium: A Short History of Profanation
Jan Masschelein and Maarten Simons

Enhancing Student Participation in the Public Debate through Simulation Exercises
Foteini Asderaki, Athanasios Moysiadis, Georgios Adonakakis, Andreas Papp, Stavros Kontizas and Georgia Panagopoulou

The Auditorium in Times of Digitalisation and Virtualisation
Sebastiaan De Bie

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
René-Marie Meignan, Max Bender, Lukas Fendel and Maurice Wolf

Reconnecting the Humanities with the Public: On How (not) to Publish at European Universities
Wim Weymans

Replica Construction of a 19th Century University Building - Part I & II
Maarten Van Den Driessche and Nathalie Van Hulle

Replica Construction of a 19th Century University Building - Images
Maarten Van Den Driessche and Nathalie Van Hulle

Experiments in Learning Ecologies: Teaching a Mobile Phone Course
Nicolás Grandi

The 'Millennium Student' and the War on Attention: Capitalising or Forming Attention?
Maarten Rabijns

Academy Commons: A Net-tool for Connecting Spaces of Research and Knowledge Production
Octavi Comeron, Nicolas Malevé and Anja Steidinger

Public Good and Public Responsibility in the Context of the European Higher Education Area
Birgit Winkler

The Role of Universities in the 'Open' World
Peter Slaets and Herman Bruyninckx

Old and New Dreams - A New Knowledge Nexus or Just Academic Drift?
Harald Jarning

About a Film Contribution: 'Breeder Otherwise?' - An Audiovisual Reflexive Approach of an Agricultural Practice
Valérie Mathieu

Creating and Curating the Cognitive Commons: Southampton's Contribution
Les Carr, Alma Swan andStevan Harnad

eBay < - > University
Wim Cuyvers

Format: Edited volume - paperback

Size: 240 × 170 × 15 mm

208 pages

ISBN: 9789058678744

Publication: February 10, 2011

Series: Studia Paedagogica 45

Languages: English

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Jan Masschelein is gewoon hoogleraar wijsgerige pedagogiek, verbonden aan het Laboratorium voor Educatie en Samenleving van de KU Leuven.
Joris Vlieghe teaches ethics and philosophy of education at Liverpool Hope University.
Maarten Simons is Professor at the Laboratory for Education and Society and the Center for Educational Policy and Innovation, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
Mathias Decuypere is a doctoral student at the Laboratory for Education and Society, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
Uitdagende inhoud én vorm. Heel wat bijdragen, kortom, die net als het boek in zijn geheel uitnodigingen zijn om onbevan­gen na te denken over andere manieren van aanpakken. Er zouden meer boeken mogen zijn die ons op die manier uit­dagen.
Kurt De Wit, Th&ma Hoger Onderwijs 2019-4


Concluderend is dit dus goede lectuur voor wie een breed beeld wil krijgen van mogelijke initiatieven om de universiteit in het specifiek -; maar evengoed ook andere onderzoeks- en onderwijsinstellingen -; voor te bereiden op de/hun toekomst.
Tom Van Daele, APPeL