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Living Papers

On some specific topics, over a specific period, research efforts can be so intense that the field is evolving at a very rapid pace. Classical review papers cannot capture such evolution of the knowledge and soon become outdated. To address this issue, Transdisciplinary Insights supports living papers, a novel dynamic document format, which allows for regular updates. Living papers should be considered as non-peer reviewed manuscripts, and are open to comments and additions from readers. Their objective is to foster a spirit of open collaboration and sharing of knowledge.




    Latest Catalogue


    • Tot de bodem
    • Questiones super I-VII libros Politicorum
    • Giuseppe Verdi
    • Makelaars in kennis
    • From Bayreuth to Burkina Faso
    • Unfinished Histories
    • Homo Mimeticus
    • Who Owns Africa?
    • Working Through Colonial Collections
    • Contemporary Photography in France
    • Immanent Transcendence
    • Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood
    • The Elemental Analysis of Glass Beads
    • Japan’s Book Donation to the University of Louvain
    • Stilte in de klas
    • Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive
    • The Hybrid Practitioner
    • Black Matrilineage, Photography, and Representation
    • Ambrogio Spinola between Genoa, Flanders, and Spain
    • Recharting Territories
    • Pietro d’Abano, Expositio problematum (XIX)
    • Kurt Weill
    • TSEG - Volume 19 - Issue 2 - 2022
    • Urban Andes
    • Eloquent Images
    • Plutarch’s Cosmological Ethics
    • The Clear Line in Comics and Cinema
    • Handbook for Ethiopian Public Administration Program Accreditation
    • Europees burgerschap in de klas
    • The Book of Requiems, 1450-1550
    • Wiskunde voor economen: concepten en technieken uit de lineaire algebra - Tweede editie
    • Justus Lipsius, Monita et exempla politica / Political Admonitions and Examples
    • Stadsgeschiedenis 17 (2022) 1
    • The Sound of Architecture
    • Portraits and Poses
    • States of Emergency
    • Boegbeeld in de kelder
    • Leaving Spain
    • Congoville (FR/NL)
    • At Home in Renaissance Bruges
    • Denken over onze oorsprong