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Living Papers

On some specific topics, over a specific period, research efforts can be so intense that the field is evolving at a very rapid pace. Classical review papers cannot capture such evolution of the knowledge and soon become outdated. To address this issue, Transdisciplinary Insights supports living papers, a novel dynamic document format, which allows for regular updates. Living papers should be considered as non-peer reviewed manuscripts, and are open to comments and additions from readers. Their objective is to foster a spirit of open collaboration and sharing of knowledge.




    Latest Catalogue


    • Vroegmoderne geschiedenis in actuele debatten
    • Mongameli Mabona
    • Letterkunde met lef
    • Knighthood and Society in the High Middle Ages
    • Public Administration in Ethiopia
    • Personality Matters
    • Transfer Thinking in Translation Studies
    • Performing Hysteria
    • The Impact of Human Rights Prosecutions
    • Dialogen over België
    • Turkish German Muslims and Comedy Entertainment
    • Children’s Literature in Translation
    • Religion, Colonization and Decolonization in Congo, 1885-1960. Religion, colonisation et décolonisation au Congo, 1885-1960
    • Psychical Realism
    • Peter de Rivo on Chronology and the Calendar
    • The Figure of Knowledge
    • Arrival Cities
    • Migration at Work
    • Saving the Overlooked Continent
    • Taal en de wereld
    • Interculturaliteit en de geesteswetenschappen
    • Slagen voor het toelatingsexamen van arts en tandarts
    • Leren in maatschappelijk betrokken onderwijs - tweede editie
    • Humble Women, Powerful Nuns
    • Listening to the Other
    • Performance, Subjectivity, and Experimentation
    • Robert Schumann
    • Across Anthropology
    • The Congo in Flemish Literature
    • Studies in the Latin Literature and Epigraphy of Italian Fascism
    • Shifting Interfaces
    • Comics of the New Europe
    • Ons verste verleden
    • Wetenschap in een veranderende wereld
    • The Housing Project
    • The Portrait and the Colonial Imaginary
    • Nothing to It
    • European Perspectives for Public Administration
    • Una lingua morta per letterature vive: il dibattito sul latino come lingua letteraria in età moderna e contemporanea
    • Welkom in Antwerpen?