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Living Papers

On some specific topics, over a specific period, research efforts can be so intense that the field is evolving at a very rapid pace. Classical review papers cannot capture such evolution of the knowledge and soon become outdated. To address this issue, Transdisciplinary Insights supports living papers, a novel dynamic document format, which allows for regular updates. Living papers should be considered as non-peer reviewed manuscripts, and are open to comments and additions from readers. Their objective is to foster a spirit of open collaboration and sharing of knowledge.




    Latest Catalogue


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    • Portraits and Poses
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    • Boegbeeld in de kelder
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    • Making Home(s) in Displacement
    • A Cultural Symbiosis
    • Material Change
    • Sound Work
    • Colonial Legacies
    • Ubiquity
    • Political Exile in the Global Twentieth Century
    • Neo-Thomism in Action
    • Stadsgeschiedenis 16 (2021) 2
    • TSEG - Volume 18 - Issue 3 - 2021
    • Character Constellations
    • Translation Policies in Legal and Institutional Settings
    • Genderpatronen in vroegmoderne samenlevingen
    • Evolving as a Digital Scholar
    • Co-creation in Migration Studies
    • The Body as a Mirror of the Soul
    • Martin Versfeld
    • Protagonists of War
    • Ground Sea
    • TSEG - Volume 18 - Issue 2 - 2021
    • Geschiedenis is een werkwoord - tweede editie