Open Access & Copyright

True to its commitment to disseminate scholarly knowledge and support academic research, Leuven University Press supports Open Access and offers two different roads to Open Access:

The green road to Open Access, or so-called ‘self-archiving’, is the most accessible way to an OA publication. Authors of contributions, chapters, or articles are allowed to archive the pdf file of their contribution in the layout of the publication on their personal website immediately upon publication. Read more about our OA policy below.
In the golden road scenario the book appears in full Open Access from the first day of publication. Besides this free online publication that can be downloaded, readers can also buy a paper edition. In this model financial means are needed to fund the production of the book.

Peer review is standard procedure. All new proposals and manuscripts considered for publication, whether Open Access or not, are presented to an independent editorial board. Following a positive response from the board, the full manuscript will be sent to two specialist readers for expert advice.

Leuven University Press has been granted access to OAPEN LibraryJSTOR and Project Muse. In this way Leuven University Press offers a sustainable publication model that guarantees global impact, dissemination and digital preservation.
The following books published by Leuven University Press in full Open Access are considered as ‘best practices’ by the European Research Council:
. Experimental Affinities in Music, ISBN 9789461661883
. Glass Making in the Greco-Roman World. Results of the ARCHGLASS project, ISBN 9789461661579

Both publications were funded by a European grant and have been downloaded in 84 countries worldwide.
KU Leuven has launched this January 2018 the KU Leuven Fund for Fair OA. All researchers who wish to publish an OA book with Leuven University Press are eligible to apply for funding. More details about the Fund and the application process are described here >

For all questions related to our OA-policy, copyright permissions & translation rights contact us at


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