New series: Recollection. Experimental Reflections on Texts, Images and Ideas

Leuven University Press presents a brand new series 

Recollection. Experimental Reflections on Texts, Images and Ideas.

Mission statement

Recollection. Experimental reflections on Texts, Images and Ideas reaches out to an audience seeking to understand any aspect of the visual medium along the history of mankind in the fields of art history, philosophy, theology, comparative literature, cultural anthropology, and psychoanalysis. The series not only continues the already intensive international dialogue between these disciplines, but also serves as a platform for new thoughts, experimental reflections, or forgotten insights at the crossroads of the visual, the historical, and the theoretical.

Recollection is distinctive both for its concept of curatorship and for its recurrent threefold approach. Each issue is created in close collaboration with a curator, who is regarded as an expert in his or her area of research. Recollection considers the intellectual freedom of the curator as essential to its mission and confides in the curator’s expertise as the principal guarantee for creativity, quality, and progress in scholarship.

The series’ recurrent threefold approach relies on Discourse, Disclosure, and Dialogue. The section Discourse presents a new scholarly contribution or essay on the issue’s special theme and is followed by the section Disclosure, which offers the reader forgotten or non-conformist texts, translated and edited in order to make them accessible to an international readership. The final section, Dialogue, stimulates critical discussion with the artistic field by presenting thoughts and reflections from the upcoming generation of scholars and artists, in the form of an interview, an artwork, or more experimental formats.

By means of this threefold approach Recollection encourages the study of imagesfrom new perspectives, aims to unveil the forgotten importance of lesser-known texts, and breaks grounds for subversive or ‘other’ ideas. Hence, Recollection treasures visible and invisible traces of various expressions of creativity in past, present, and future.

Recollection is founded by Barbara Baert ( / in response to her being awarded the Belgian Francqui Prize Human Sciences 2016 ( Recollection is a token of gratitude and a sign of encouragement for the arts, interdisciplinarity, and new generations of artists and scholars.

Editorial board

The series is directed by the editorial board. The editorial board will appoint per issue the ‘curating editor’, assess submissions, and watch over the series’ objectives. Every contribution will be evaluated based on criteria of quality, internal coherence and writing style.

Annually one issue will be published in the series.

Technical specs of the publication:

  • paperback with flaps
  • 19,5 x 28,5 cm
  • ca. 100 pp. with colour section of max. 64 pp.
  • cover in full colour

Opening volume forthcoming in 2019

Textile Matrices
Curated by Ellen Harlizius-Klück


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