Mission Statement & Scope European Council Studies

by EuroComment and Leuven University Press

EuroComment’s Pre-Summit Briefings and European Council Notes are unique. Launched twenty years ago and based on a wide range of published and unpublished sources, including interviews with key players, they provide a continuous, highly readable and independent narrative of the politics and policies of the European Council, the EU’s principal decision-making institution.

Composed of the head of state or government of every member state and the president of the European Commission and chaired by a full-time president, the European Council determines the strategy of the Union, supervises its implementation by and through both the EU institutions and the member states and acts as the EU’s crisis manager. It has been responsible for all the most important strategic decisions of the last four decades, including the revision and extension of the Union’s basic treaties, successive enlargements, the launching of the single market, the adoption of the Union’s multiannual budgets, the establishment of the euro and the definition of the EU’s external priorities. It has also more recently played the leading role in formulating and implementing the EU’s response to the euro crisis, the migration crisis and Brexit. In and through each episode, the European Council has furthermore developed and modified the way in which the EU is governed.

The Pre-Summit Briefings and European Council Notes, which cover every European Council meeting, can serve both as an authoritative source of information about current affairs, as a reference work which will remain relevant for years and even decades after the events which the Notes describe and, more fundamentally still, as the story of the development of a unique system of government, of which the European Council is the central component.

This new series by Leuven University Press should be of interest to everybody inside or outside government who is involved in or with the European Union.



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