Journal of Campanology - Call for Contributions

The Journal of Campanology (JOC) is a high-standard, peer-reviewed periodical that has as objectives to stimulate research on bells and bell cultures and to support the development and recognition of campanology as an interdisciplinary domain of academic scholarship. The editors welcome contributions from the humanities (history, musicology, theology, canon law), social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology), and exact sciences (physics, computer science). Additionally, the editors of JOC intend to show the diversity of bell cultures. Therefore contributions on bells and bell cultures from all over the world are welcomed.

JOC is published by Leuven University Press in close cooperation with the Singing Bronze Foundation.

Journal Board

Bert Augustus, campanologist
Albert Clement (University College Roosevelt / Universiteit Utrecht)
Tiffany Ng (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Corrie Pepping, (editorial secretary)
Luc Rombouts (KU Leuven; editor-in-chief)


  • Month of publication: April. The first issue will appear in April 2019.
  • Editions: digital and print
  • Pages per issue: ca. 150 
  • Editorial language: US English; DOWNLOAD THE GUIDELINES >


1) Research articles
Peer-reviewed articles. Per issue a number of approved articles will be selected with an eye on variety of content. Other approved articles will be kept on hold for a next issue. Local studies are only eligible if they have a broader scholarly relevance.
(ca. 7 articles of 5,000 – 10,000 words each, including footnotes)

2) Innovating heritage: best practices in safeguarding bell or carillon culture
Short description of proven best practices in conserving, promoting or transmitting bell and carillon culture (as follow-up of the recognition of the Belgian carillon culture by Unesco as a best practice in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage), with a focus on innovative approaches.
(100-300 words)

3) Main findings from congresses or colloquies
Written by members of journal board or others (on invitation)
(300-1,000 words)

4) Book Reviews
Written by members of the journal board or others (on invitation or not)
(1,500-3,000 words)

5) New publications, music, and recordings
Collected by journal board

6) Agenda
Collected by journal board

Send your contributions to: Corrie Pepping MA, editorial secretary (
For inquiries on the contents of the journal, please contact: Dr. Luc Rombouts, editor-in-chief (

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