Digital Appendices 'Kesselt-Op de Schans'


Download the free digital appendices of 'The Lower to Middle Palaeolithic Transition in Northwestern Europe. Evidence from Kesselt-Op de Schans' below.

This online material accompanies the publication ‘The Lower to Middle Palaeolithic Transition in Northwestern Europe’ (ISBN 9789462700987) and is made available Open Access under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Appendix A: Information recorded for each artefact
Appendix B: Information recorded per square
Appendix C: Harris matrices ODS 1, ODS 2, ODS 3, and ODS 4
Appendix D: Refit compositions ODS 1, ODS 2, ODS 3, and ODS 4
Appendix E: Overview NW European sites

 Appendix A: Information recorded per artefact
 Appendix B: Information recorded per square metre
 Appendix C: Harris matrices ODS 1
 Appendix C: Harris matrices ODS 2
 Appendix C: Harris matrices ODS 3
 Appendix C: Harris matrix ODS 4
 Appendix D: Refit compositions ODS 1
 Appendix D: Refit compositions ODS 2
 Appendix D: Refit compositions ODS 3
 Appendix D: Refit compositions ODS 4
 Appendix E: Overview NW European sites


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