Archief - Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie, 2011, Volume 16

Nummer 1
Preface, Michiel Schuijer [PDF]

Schenker and the Tonal Jazz Repertory, Henry Martin [PDF]

Analyse Hedendaagse Muziek: Het knipperen van het oog, Patrick van Deurzen [PDF]

Stravinsky’s ‘Musick to heare’: A Study in Union and Singleness, Rokus de Groot [PDF]

Mit oder ohne Text? Was Diminutionen und Intabulierungen zur Analyse vokaler Musik des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts beitragen können, Angelika Moths [PDF]

Slash Chords: Triads with a ‘Wrong’ Bass Note?, Patrick Schenkius [PDF]

Classical Music, Modal Jazz and the Making of Kind of Blue, Sam Barrett [PDF]

Non-Congruent Temporal Functions in Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 62, No. 2, Lauri Suurpaa [PDF]

What A. B. Marx Takes for Granted in his Description of Sonata Form, Patrick Wood Uribe [PDF]

Nummer 2
Metrical Theory and Verdi’s Midcentury Operas, William Rothstein [PDF]

Louis Couperin’s Préludes non mesurés – Unmeasured?, Job IJzerman [PDF]

Voice-Leading Issues in Cornelius’s ‘Ein Ton’, Michael Baker [PDF]

De oplossing van de hedendaagse muziek, Sander van Maas [PDF]

Pieter Bergé (ed.), Jeroen D’hoe, and William E. Caplin (co-eds), Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata: Perspectives of Analysis and Performance, Lauri Suurpaa [PDF]

Joseph N. Straus, Twelve-Tone Music in America, Klaas Coulembier [PDF]

Kofi Agawu, Music as Discourse: Semiotic Adventures in Romantic Music, Bert van Herck [PDF]

Nummer 3
Register and Remembrance in Brahms’s ‘Frühlingslied’, Op. 85, No. 5, Melissa Hoag [PDF]

Close Encounters of Another Kind: Strategies of Intercultural Composition, 1960s-2000s, Harm Langenkamp [PDF]

Things to Do with Sonata Form. Steven Vande Moortele, Two-Dimensional Sonata Form: Form and Cycle in Single-Movement Instrumental Works by Liszt, Strauss, Schoenberg, and Zemlinsky, Scott Burnham [PDF]

René Descartes, Regels om richting te geven aan het verstand & ander vroeg werk, Rienk Vermeij [PDF]

Ton de Leeuw: portret van de componist als jongeman. Interview door Peter Peters, bewerkt en geannoteerd door Klaus Kuiper, in opdracht van de Capaciteitsgroep Muziekwetenschap, Universiteit van Amsterdam., Klaus Kuiper [PDF]

These – antithese – synthese Orkest – ensemble – ??, Emanuel Overbeeke [PDF]

Theory Encounters Science in Music: The Wedding of Cognitive, Empirical, and Theoretical Music Research, Vincent Meelberg [PDF]

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