Archief - Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie, 2007, Volume 12

Nummer 1
Special Issue: Practice-based Research in Music, Henk Borgdorff, Marcel Cobussen [PDF]

The Debate on Research in the Arts, Henk Borgdorff [PDF]

The Trojan Horse: Epistemological Explorations Concerning Practice-based Research, Marcel Cobussen [PDF]

The Marriage of Art and Academia: Challenges and Opportunities for Music Research in Practice-based Environments, Huib Schippers [PDF]

Performer and Research, Jurrien Sligter [PDF]

Knowledge in Musical Performance: Seeing Something as Something, Tom Eide Osa [PDF]

Practising Research – Researching Practice, Colin Lawson [PDF]

Questions Not Answers: the Performer as Researcher, Bruce Brubaker [PDF]

Researching and Developing Performance Practice in Late Medieval Chant, Hendrik vanden Abeele [PDF]

Performance Communication: Skills and Insight for Classical Singers, Kristin Kjølberg [PDF]

New Sound Realms, Techniques and Improvisational Directions for the Baroque Flute, Amara Guitry [PDF]

Music from Some(no)where, Here and There Reflections over the Space of Sounding Compositions, Paul Craenen [PDF]

Interactive Systems in Improvisation and Composition: a Work in Progress, Henrik Frisk [PDF]

The Faces of Väinämöinen – the Kantele as a Symbol: Artistic Postgraduate Study, Timo Väänänen [PDF]

George Odam & Nicholas Bannan (eds), The Reflective Conservatoire: studies in Music Education, Constantijn Koopman [PDF]

Jane W. Davidson (ed.), The Music Practitioner: Research for the Music Performer, Teacher and Listener, Yves Knockaert [PDF]

Roger P. Phelps, Ronald H. Sadoff, Edward C. Warburton, Lawrence Ferrara, A Guide to Research in Music Education, Ninja Kors [PDF]

Nummer 2
Schenker en Bach: Wat kan Schenkeriaanse analyse betekenen voor een uitvoerend musicus?, Paul Scheepers [PDF]

Discontinuity and Performance: The Allegro appassionato from Brahms’s Sonata Op. 120, No. 2, Ryan McClelland [PDF]

Intonation Standards and Equal Temperament, Beverly Jerold [PDF]

Eric F. Clarke, Ways of Listening: An Ecological Approach to the Perception of Musical Meaning, Simon van Damme [PDF]

Ulrich Kaiser & Carsten Gerlitz, Arrangieren und Instrumentieren: Barock bis Pop, Patrick Schenkius [PDF]

Clemens Kühn, Musiktheorie unterrichten – Musik vermitteln: Erfahrungen – Ideen –methoden, Daniel Salbert [PDF]

Muziek en taal: Taal ijlt, muziek verwijlt, Herman Sabbe [PDF]

Nummer 3
Beyond the Interpretation of Music, Laurence Dreyfus [PDF]

Thought-Provoking Dissonances: Remarks about Machaut’s Compositional Licences in Relation to his Texts, Jacques Boogaart [PDF]

Yayoi Uno Everett The Music of Louis Andriessen, Maarten Beirens [PDF]

Ethan Haimo Schoenberg’s Transformation of Musical Language, Kristof Boucquet [PDF]

Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald New Perspectives on the Keyboard Sonatas of Muzio Clementi, Rudolf Rasch [PDF]

De editieparadox, Rudolf Rasch [PDF]

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