Worlds in a Museum

Exploring Contemporary Museology

Edited by Louvre Abu Dhabi and École du Louvre

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Triumphs and challenges in contemporary museology
Held on the occasion of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s first anniversary, the symposium Worlds in a Museum addressed the topic of museums in the era of globalisation, exploring contemporary museology and the preservation and presentation of culture within the context of changing societies. Departing from the historical museum structure inherited from the Enlightenment, leading experts from art, cultural, and academic institutions explore present-day achievements and challenges in the study, display and interpretation of art, history, and artefacts. How are “global” and “local” objects and narratives balanced – particularly in consideration of diverse audiences? How do we foster perspective and multiculturalism while addressing politicised notions of centre and periphery? As they abandon classical canons and categories, how are museums and cultural entities redefining themselves beyond predefined concepts of geography and history?

This collection of essays arises from the symposium Worlds in a Museum organised by Louvre Abu Dhabi and École du Louvre.

Contributors: H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa (Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities), Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak (Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi), Guilhem André (Louvre Abu Dhabi), Claire Barbillon (École du Louvre), Nathalie Bondil (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts), James Cuno (J. Paul Getty Trust), Noëmi Daucé (Louvre Abu Dhabi), Hartwig Fischer (British Museum), Cecilia Hurley (Neuchâtel University / École du Louvre), Rose-Marie Herda Mousseaux (Louvre Abu Dhabi), Hervé Inglebert (Paris-Nanterre University), Henry Kim (Aga Khan Museum), Anne-Marie Maïla-Afeiche (The National Museum of Beirut), François-René Martin (Ecole du Louvre / Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris), Jean-Luc Martinez (Louvre Museum), Sophie Mouquin (University of Lille / École du Louvre), Souraya Noujaim (Louvre Abu Dhabi), Martin Pitts (University of Exeter), Manuel Rabaté (Louvre Abu Dhabi), Sylvie Ramond (Museums of Fine Arts and Contemporary Arts Lyon), Kennie Ting (Asian Civilisations Museum)

New Identities of Museums in a Globalised World 
Foreword by Manuel Rabaté

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done” 
Foreword by Mohamed Al Mubarak

A Universal Curriculum: École du Louvre and the Global Classroom 
Introduction by Claire Barbillon

A World in Dialogue: Introducing Louvre Abu Dhabi 
Introduction by Souraya Noujaim

Museums and Globalisation

Introduction: L’Imagination au Pouvoir! Challenges and Perspectives for Universal Museums in the Twenty-First Century
Noëmi Daucé

Global History and the Art Museum 
James Cuno

Dialogue Among Cultures: A Challenge for Museums of the Future 
Hartwig Fischer

Unity in Diversity: One Louvre Among the Three Louvres in the Twenty-First Century
Jean-Luc Martinez

Globalisation and Societies

Introduction: Universality, Globalisation, and Museums: Narratives of Material Cultures
Rose-Marie Mousseaux

Preserving Pasts, Investing in Futures: The Developing Landscape of Bahrain’s Museums
H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa

Premodern Globalisations: Cultural Connectivity and Objects-in-Motion in Ancient Worlds
Martin Pitts

Universal History, Global History, and Universal Museums 
Hervé Inglebert

Global/Local Tensions

Introduction: Local and Global: A Complex Field of Tension
Guilhem André

Connecting Canons: Critiques of the Western Canon in Recent Art Historiography
Cecilia Hurley

Universal Museum, Global Museum: The Example of Lyon
Sylvie Ramond

Which Worlds Belong in a Museum? A Manifesto for a Humanist Museum 
Nathalie Bondil

Centre and Periphery
Introduction: Centre and Periphery or Circulation and Dialogue? 
Sophie Mouquin

Centering Nationhood: Centrality and Peripherality in the Museal Culture of Contemporary Lebanon 
Anne-Marie Maïla-Afeiche

Interstitial Identities: Reimagining the Asian Civilisations Museum
Kennie Ting

Curating across Cultures: Globalising Dynamics in Contemporary Museal Practice
Henry Kim

Conclusion: Navigating Universality in the Museums of the Twenty-First Century 
François-René Martin

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Publication: December 01, 2020

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