Music, Analysis, Experience

New Perspectives in Musical Semiotics

Edited by Costantino Maeder and Mark Reybrouck

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Transdisciplinary and intermedial analysis of the experience of music. Nowadays musical semiotics no longer ignores the fundamental challenges raised by cognitive sciences, ethology, or linguistics. Creation, action and experience play an increasing role in how we understand music, a sounding structure impinging upon our body, our mind, and the world we live in. Not discarding music as a closed system, an integral experience of music demands a transdisciplinary dialogue with other domains as well. Music, Analysis, Experience brings together contributions by semioticians, performers, and scholars from cognitive sciences, philosophy, and cultural studies, and deals with these fundamental questionings. Transdisciplinary and intermedial approaches to music meet musicologically oriented contributions to classical music, pop music, South American song, opera, narratology, and philosophy.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Contributors: Paulo Chagas (University of California, Riverside), Isaac and Zelia Chueke (Universidade Federal do Paraná, OMF/Paris-Sorbonne), Maurizio Corbella (Università degli Studi di Milano), Ian Cross (University of Cambridge), Paulo F. de Castro (CESEM/Departamento de Ciências Musicais; FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Robert S. Hatten (University of Texas at Austin), David Huron (School of Music, Ohio State University), Jamie Liddle (The Open University), Gabriele Marino (University of Turin), Dario Martinelli (Kaunas University of Technology; International Semiotics Institute), Nicolas Marty (Université Paris-Sorbonne), Maarten Nellestijn (Utrecht University), Malgorzata Pawlowska (Academy of Music in Krakow), Mônica Pedrosa de Pádua (Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG), Piotr Podlipniak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan), Rebecca Thumpston (Keele University), Mieczyslaw Tomaszewski (Academy of Music in Krakow), Lea Maria Lucas Wierød (Aarhus University), Lawrence M. Zbikowski (University of Chicago)
Costantino Maeder and Mark Reybrouck

Part One. Setting the Stage: Music-In-Action, Semiotics, and Intermediality

Music, Speech and Meaning in Interaction
Ian Cross

Capturing the Music: The Thin Line Between Mediation and Interference
Zelia Chueke and Isaac Chueke

Performativity Through(out) Media: Analyzing Popular Music Performance in the Age of Intermediality
Maurizio Corbella

Part Two. Representation, Interpretation, and Meaning

Reading a Work of Music from the Perspective of Integral Interpretation
Mieczyslaw Tomaszewski

La musique au second degré : on Gérard Genette's Theory of Transtextuality and its Musical Relevance
Paulo F. de Castro

Semiotic Narrativization Processes
Nicolas Marty

Musical Understanding: Wittgenstein, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Paulo C. Chagas

Where to Draw the Line? Representation in Intermedial Song Analysis
Lea Maria Lucas Wierød

Part Three. Experience, Cognition, and Affect

The Ability of Tonality Recognition as One of Human-Specific Adaptations
Piotr Podlipniak

Musical Semiotics and Analogical Reference
Lawrence M. Zbikowski

The Other Semiotic Legacy of Charles Sanders Peirce: Ethology and Music-Related Emotion
David Huron

Part Four. Intermediality and Transdisciplinarity

The Death of Klinghoffer: From Stage to Screen
Maarten Nellestijn

The Perception of Art Songs Through Image: A Semiotic Approach
Monica Pedrosa de Pádua

“What Kind of Genre Do You Think We Are?” Genre Theories, Genre Names and Classes within Music Intermedial Ecology
Gabriele Marino

Part Five. Analysis and Beyond

A Story or Not a Story? Pascal Dusapin's Opera Roméo & Juliette and New Ways of Musical Narratives
Malgorzata Pawlowska

Authorship, Narrativity and Ideology: The Case of Lennon-McCartney
Dario Martinelli

The Sublime as a Topic in Beethoven's Late Piano Sonatas
Jamie Liddle

Melodic Forces and Agential Energies: An Integrative Approach to the Analysis and Expressive Interpretation of Tonal Melodies
Robert S. Hatten

The Embodiment of Yearning: Towards a Tripartite Theory of Musical Agency
Rebecca Thumpston



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Publication: December 07, 2015

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Costantino Maeder is Professor at the Faculty of Languages and Literature, Director of the Centro di studi italiani and Head of Globalit - Louvain Research Centre for Comparative and Global Studies, Université catholique de Louvain.
Mark Reybrouck is Professor at the Department of Musicology at KU Leuven.