Quaestiones Variae

Henrico de Gandavo adscriptae

Edited by Girard Etzkorn

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In the process of completing his critical edition of Marcus of Orvieto’s Liber de Moralitatibus, Dr. Girard J. Etzkorn happened upon a set of questions attributed to Henry of Ghent at the end of Rome’s Bibliotheca Angelica codex 750. These questions are edited in this volume under the proviso ‘attributed to’ so that scholars may compare the texts with other works of the Ghentian master known to be authentic. Based upon some intitial comparisons Etzkorn concludes that the ten questions appear to be of two literary genres. The first six are best fitted into the category of Disputed Questions while Questions seven to ten are better characterized as Quodlibetal questions given their relative brevity and small number of objections ‘pro’ and ‘contra’. Moreover, the ten questions seem to be ‘selected’ questions and were not likely disputed at the same time. Future investigations are essential to find out if the questions may indeed be attributed to Henry himself or whether they have been written by one of Henry’s disciples who was ‘copying’ the thoughts and words of the master.


Critical Study

The Manuscript

Analysis of the Text

Authorship of the Questions



1. In the Critical Apparatus

2. In the Apparatus of Citations

Siglum of the Manuscript

Quaestiones Variae

Q.1: Utrum Deus sit summe simplex

Q.2: Utrum Deus sit infinitus

Q.3: Utrum aliquid aliud a Deo sit actu infinitum vel esse posset

Q.4: Utrum angelus vel aliqua alia creatura creari possit ab aeterno

Q.5: Utrum substantia angeli sit composita ex materia et forma

Q.6: Utrum natura angeli sit nobilior quam natura animae

Q.7: Utrum divina virtute unum et idem possit esse simul in diversis locis

Q.8: Utrum praedestinatio iuvari possit pr'cibus sanctorum

Q.9: Utrum emanatio Filii vel emanatio personarum sit causa emanationis creaturarum

Q.10: Utrum substantia panis convertatur in verum corpus Christi (incomplete)


Works cited by Henry

Onomastic Table

Manuscripts Cited

Quoted Publications

Table of Contents

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120 pages

ISBN: 9789461660558

Publication: March 20, 2013

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 2: Henrici de Gandavo Opera Omnia 38

Languages: English

Girard J. Etzkorn is a former professor emeritus at St. Bonaventure University. He died in 2023.