Transdisciplinary Insights 2018

Edited by Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Andreas De Block, and Griet Ceulemans

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Transdisciplinary Insights (TI) is an open access journal dedicated to giving a forum to transdisciplinary research and systems thinking. The journal communicates the results of cross-disciplinary collaboration by masters students and early career researchers, stimulated by the KU Leuven Honours Programme, in close interaction with societal actors. This ambitious journal will present refreshing outside-the-box insights and new ideas that have the potential to find their way to the established research environment. All contributions are peer-reviewed and meet academic quality standards.

Open Access e-journal
Annually (December)
Online ISSN: 2593-0338

Facing the Future: A Blueprint for a Resilient and Equitable Society: Connecting the Functional Building Blocks
F. Bocken, E. Brennan, N. Claessens, D. Claeys, S. Debeaussaert, T. Dubois, A. Franken, B. Vanwyngaerden, J.R. Nova Blanco, K. Becher, P. Vandenbroeck

Down to Counsel: Towards A Transdisciplinary Toolbox for Non-directive Counseling in Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome
Laura Costan, Matthew J. Devine, Maud van Dinther, Louise Hendrickx, Job Meijer, Nynke van Uffelen, Eline Zenner

HIV-positive men as a key population for fighting HIVDR in Africa
Jennifer Herrmann, Jenny Lushaba, Lotte Michielsen, Nicklas Quirós, Robbe Saesen, Coenie Louw, Michael R Jordan, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Astrid Van den Eede, Anneleen Kiekens

How Storytelling Can Combat Vaccine Hesitancy: a Transdisciplinary Approach
Laura Jacobs, Tarunjose Kattumana, Angelina Konnova, Mojisola Obasa, Enisa Smlatic, Valentine Vandendriessche; Fleur Voragen, Lise Boey; Corinne Vandermeulen

Format: Journal - e

ISBN: 9789461652614

Publication: December 21, 2018

Series: Transdisciplinary Insights

Languages: English