Performing Hysteria

Images and Imaginations of Hysteria

Edited by Johanna Braun

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Edited volume - paperback

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Cross-disciplinary analysis of contemporary images and representations of hysteria
We seem to be living in hysterical times. A simple Google search reveals the sheer bottomless well of “hysterical” discussions on diverse topics such as the #metoo movement, Trumpianism, border wars, Brexit, transgender liberation, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, and climate change, to name only a few. Against the backdrop of such recent deployments of hysteria in popular discourse––particularly as they emerge in times of material and hermeneutic crisis––Performing Hysteria re-engages the notion of “hysteria”.

Performing Hysteria rigorously mines late 20th- and early 21st-century (primarily visual) culture for signs of hysteria. The various essays in this volume contribute to the multilayered and complex discussions that surround and foster this resurgent interest in hysteria––covering such areas as art, literature, theatre, film, television, dance; crossing such disciplines as cultural studies, political science, philosophy, history, media, disability, race and ethnicity, and gender studies; and analysing stereotypical images and representations of the hysteric in relation to cultural sciences and media studies. Of particular importance is the volume's insistence on taking the intersection of hysteria and performance seriously.

Contributors: Johanna Braun (University of Vienna), Vivian Delchamps (University of California), Cecily Devereux (University of Alberta), Sander L. Gilman (Emory University), Elke Krasny (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Jonathan W. Marshall (Edith Cowan University, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), Sean Metzger (University of California), Tim Posada (Saddleback College), Elaine Showalter (Princeton University), Dominik Zechner (Brown University / Rutgers University)

Ebook available in Open Access.
This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Johanna Braun

HYSTORIES REVISITED. Hysterical Epidemics and Social Media
Elaine Showalter

WANDERING IMAGINATIONS OF RACE AND HYSTERIA. The Origins of the Hysterical Body in Psychoanalysis
Sander L. Gilman

TRAUMATIC DANCES OF “THE NON-SELF”. Bodily Incoherence and the Hysterical Archive
Jonathan W. Marshall

THE PHANTOM ERECTION. Freud’s Dora and Hysteria’s Unreadabilities
Dominik Zechner

“A SLIGHT HYSTERICAL TENDENCY”. Performing Diagnosis in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper
Vivian Delchamps

HYSTERIA ACTIVISM. Feminist Collectives for the Twenty-First Century
Elke Krasny

Sean Metzger

Cecily Devereux

#METOO’S FIRST HORROR FILM. Male Hysteria and the New Final Girl in 2018’s Revenge
Tim Posada

HYSTERICAL CURE. Performing Disability in the Possession Film
Johanna Braun

Format: Edited volume - paperback

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ISBN: 9789462702110

Publication: November 03, 2020

Languages: English

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Johanna Braun is Principle Investigator of the FWF Erwin Schrödinger research project "The Hysteric as Conceptual Operateur": [J 4164-G24], conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, Stanford University and the University of Vienna.