Political Exile in the Global Twentieth Century

Catholic Christian Democrats in Europe and the Americas

Edited by Wolfram Kaiser and Piotr H. Kosicki

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Transnational perspectives on Christian Democrats in exile

This book focuses on the political exile of Catholic Christian Democrats during the global twentieth century, from the end of the First World War to the end of the Cold War. Transcending the common national approach, the present volume puts transnational perspectives at center stage and in doing so aspires to be a genuinely global and longitudinal study. Political Exile in the Global Twentieth Century includes chapters on continental European exile in the United Kingdom and North America through 1945; on Spanish exile following the Civil War (1936–39), throughout the Franco dictatorship; on East-Central European exile from the defeat of Nazi Germany and the establishment of Communist rule (1944–48) through the end of the Cold War; and Latin American exile following the 1973 Chilean coup.

Encompassing Europe (both East and West), Latin America, and the United States, Political Exile in the Global Twentieth Century places the diasporas of twentieth-century Christian Democracy within broader, global debates on political exile and migration.

Contributors: Paolo Acanfora (University of Rome La Sapienza), Leyre Arrieta (University of Deusto), Gemma Caballer (University of Barcelona), Justinas Dementavičius (Vilnius University), Joaquín Fermandois (Catholic University of Chile / San Sebastián University), Élodie Giraudier (Harvard University), Carlo Invernizzi Accetti (City University of New York), Katalin Kádár Lynn (Independent Scholar), Wolfram Kaiser (University of Portsmouth), Piotr H. Kosicki (University of Maryland), Sławomir Łukasiewicz (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin), Christopher Stroot (University of California San Diego)

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).


Catholic Christian Democrats in Political Exile in the Global Twentieth Century
Wolfram Kaiser and Piotr H. Kosicki

Exile in the United Kingdom and the United States 1924-1945

1 European Christian Democrats in Exile in the United Kingdom: Socially Isolated and Politically Marginal
Wolfram Kaiser

2 Luigi Sturzo in American Exile: Building a New Christian-Inspired International Order
Paolo Acanfora

3 Christian Democracy in America and Vice Versa: Sturzo, Maritain and the United States
Carlo Invernizzi Accetti

Exiles from Spain in Western Europe and the Americas 1937-1975

4 Exile and Catholic Politics in Spain: National Reconciliation, Europeanisation and the Contested Christian Democratic Alternative to Franco
Christopher Stroot

5 A Window of Opportunity? The Basque Nationalist Party and European Christian Democracy in Exile
Leyre Arrieta

6 A Catalan Catholic Regionalist Fleeing Franco: Josep Maria
Trias Peitx’s Exile in France
Gemma Caballer

Exiles from East-Central Europe in Western Europe and the Americas 1944-1989

7 Polish Christian Youth in the Cold War: A Generation’s Potential Lost in Exile
Sławomir Łukasiewicz

8 Cultural versus Political Christian Democrats: Debating the Idea of (Christian) Democracy in Lithuanian Exile
Justinas Dementavičius

9 Hungarian Christian Democracy in Exile: An Influential but Never Dominant Political Force
Katalin Kádár Lynn

Chilean Exile in Western Europe and the Americas 1973-1988

10 Multiple Christian Democratic Exiles: Debating the Road Back to Democracy in Chile
Joaquín Fermandois

11 Chilean Christian Democrats in Exile in the Americas and in Europe: Impact on Networks and Ideas
Élodie Giraudier

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Format: Edited volume - ebook - PDF

350 pages

ISBN: 9789461664228

Publication: December 10, 2021

Series: Civitas. Studies in Christian Democracy

Languages: English

Piotr H. Kosicki is associate professor of history at the University of Maryland.
Wolfram Kaiser is professor of European studies at the University of Portsmouth and visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.
The fresh research that supports this book not only contributes to our understanding of the phenomenon of Christian Democrats in exile but also helps us grasp the diversity and complexity of the Christian Democrat political identity and the relevance of the transnational dimension, particularly when it comes to the study of the diasporic experience of politicians, intellectuals, and activists.
Martin O. Castro, Francia-Recensio, 2022 - 3, https://doi.org/10.11588/frrec.2022.3.90617