Platonic Stoicism - Stoic Platonism

The Dialogue between Platonism and Stoicism in Antiquity

Edited by Christoph Helmig and Mauro Bonazzi

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This book examines the important but largely neglected issue of the interrelation between Platonism and Stoicism in Ancient Philosophy. Several renowned specialists in the fields of Stoic and Platonic analyse the intricate mutual influences between Stoic and Platonic philosophers in the Hellenistic period, the Imperial Age, and after. Although it has been repeatedly claimed that the phenomenon addressed in this book could best be labelled eclecticism, it emerges from the various articles collected here that the situation is much more complicated. Far from being eclectics, most Stoics and Platonists consciously appropriated their material in order to integrate it into their own philosophical system. The dialogue between Platonists and Stoics testifies to active debate and controversy on central topics such as psychology, epistemology, physics, and ethics. This book will deepen our understanding of the dialogue between different philosophical schools in Antiquity. The results presented here teach one clear lesson: Platonism and Stoicism were by no means monolithic blocks, but were continuously moulded by mutual influence and interaction.

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Thomas Bénatouïl
Le débat entre platonisme et stoïcisme sur la vie scolastique: Chrysippe, la Nouvelle Académie et Antiochus

Francesca Alesse
Alcuni esempi della relazione tra l'etica stoica e Platone

Sophie Aubert
La lecture stoïcienne du laconisme à travers le filtre de Platon

Valéry Laurand
L'Érà´s pédagogique chez Platon et les Stoïciens

John Stevens
Platonism and Stoicism in Vergil's Aeneid

Mauro Bonazzi
Eudorus' psychology and Stoic ethics

Teun Tieleman
Onomastic Reference in Seneca. The Case of Plato and the Platonists

Brad Inwood
Seneca, Plato and Platonism: the case of Letter

Robert Sharples
The Stoic Background to the Middle Platonist discussion of Fate

Christopher Gill
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations: How Stoic and How Platonic?

Riccardo Chiaradonna
Platonismo e Teoria della Conoscenza Stoica tra II e III secolo d.C.

Gretchen Reydams-Schils
Calcidius on God



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310 pages

ISBN: 9789461660282

Publication: January 14, 2008

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 1 39

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Christoph Helmig is Assistant Professor of Classical Studies (focus on late antiquity) at the Humboldt University in Berlin.