Knighthood and Society in the High Middle Ages

Edited by David Crouch and Jeroen Deploige

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Chivalry and elite conduct in medieval Europe
In popular imagination few phenomena are as strongly associated with medieval society as knighthood and chivalry. At the same time, and due to a long tradition of differing national perspectives and ideological assumptions, few phenomena have continued to be the object of so much academic debate. In this volume leading scholars explore various aspects of knightly identity, taking into account both commonalities and particularities across Western Europe. Knighthood and Society in the High Middle Ages addresses how, between the eleventh and the early thirteenth centuries, knighthood evolved from a set of skills and a lifestyle that was typical of an emerging elite habitus, into the basis of a consciously expressed and idealised chivalric code of conduct. Chivalry, then, appears in this volume as the result of a process of noble identity formation, in which some five key factors are distinguished: knightly practices, lineage, crusading memories, gender roles, and chivalric didactics.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Dominique Barthélemy (Sorbonne and EPHE, Paris), David Crouch (University of Hull), Jeroen Deploige (Ghent University), John D. Hosler (U.S. Army Command and General Staff College), Sara McDougall (City University of New York), Jean-François Nieus (University of Namur), Eljas Oksanen (University of Helsinki), Nicholas L. Paul (Fordham University), Jörg Peltzer (Heidelberg University), Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani (University of Namur), Louise J. Wilkinson (University of Lincoln), Claudia Wittig (Ghent University)



David Crouch and Jeroen Deploige
Taking the Field: Knighthood and Society in the High Middle Ages 

Part I—Noble Warriors, Warring Nobles

Dominique Barthélemy
Chivalry in Feudal Society According to French Evidence 

Jörg Peltzer
Knighthood in the Empire

Eljas Oksanen
Knights, Mercenaries and Paid Soldiers: Military Identities in the Anglo-Norman Regnum

Part II—Knighthood and Lineage 

Sara McDougall
The Chivalric Family 

Jean-François Nieus
Sigard’s Belt: The Family of Chocques and the Borders of Knighthood (ca. 980‒1100)

Part III—Martial Ideals in Crusading Memories

John D. Hosler
Knightly Ideals at the Siege of Acre, 1189‒1191 

Nicholas L. Paul
Writing the Knight, Staging the Crusader : Manasses of Hierges and the Monks of Brogne 

Part IV—Women in Chivalric Representations

Louise J. Wilkinson
The Chivalric Woman 

Nicolas Ruffini-Rozani
The Knight, the Lady, and the Poet : Understanding Huon of Oisy’s Tournoiement des Dames (ca. 1185‒1189)

Part V—Didactics of Chivalry

Claudia Wittig
Teaching Chivalry in the Empire (ca. 1150‒1250) 

David Crouch
When Was Chivalry? Evolution of a Code

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Publication: November 26, 2020

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 48

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David Crouch is former Professor of Medieval History at the University of Hull and a Fellow of the British Academy.
Jeroen Deploige is Professor of Medieval History at Ghent University and member of the Belgian Royal Historical Commission.