The Future of Orthodontics

Carine Carels and Guy Willems

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Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

S. Pirinen,
Aberrations in dental and facial structures reflect gene mutations

I. Thesleff and D. Rice,
Impact of gene research on the future of orthodontics

I. Kjoer,
Craniofacial neuro-osteology: a future discipline in orthodontics

K. Vargervik,
Craniofacial teamwork benefits both patients and providers

K.W.L. Dryland-Vig,
The role of the orthodontist in interdisciplinary education

O. Rönning,
The contribution of experimental growth research to orthodontics

M.M. Cohen,
Malformation syndromes: recent trends in medical genetics

S.W. Herring,
How can animal models answer clinical questions?

S. Kiliaridis,
A step towards the postempirical era of functional dentofacial orthopaedics

B. Thilander,
Dental implants in future orthodontics

A.M. Kuijpers-Jagtman et al.,
Back to basics: tooth movement in orthodontics

J.F.C. Tulloch, C. Phillips,
Clinical research in orthodontics: understanding treatment efficacy

R. Berg and L. Iversen,
Some orthodontic concepts in the change of time

L. Lagerström,
Aspects of quality control in the future orthodontics

B. Melsen and G. Fiorelli,
The role of computerised orthodontics in the future

P. Planché and J. Treil,
Cephalometrics for the next millennium

H.S. Duterloo,
The future of clinical intuition

K. Takada et al.,
Orthodontic treatment planning: Its rationale for inference

L.R. Dermaut,
Changes in future diagnostics and treatment planning

J.C. Bennett,
The future of clinical orthodontics: importance of incisor crown form and size

F.A. Miotti,
Interceptive orthodontics in the socialised health care system: could it be cost/effective?

B. Prahl-Andersen,
Quality development in the orthodontic practice

J. Artun,
Future clinical research: questions and protocols

C.A. Evans,
Quantification: the search for answers

F.P.G.M. van der Linden,
The future of orthodontics: overview and discussion

Format: Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

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Publication: October 06, 1998

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