Virtual Works – Actual Things

Essays in Music Ontology

Edited by Paulo de Assis and contributions by David Davies, Andreas Dorschel, Lydia Goehr, Kathy Kiloh, Jake McNulty, Gunnar Hindrichs, and John Rink

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Virtual Works  Actual Things addresses contemporary music ontological discourses, challenging dominant musicological accounts, questioning their authoritative foundation and moving towards dynamic perspectives devised by music practitioners and artist researchers. 
Paulo de Assis

Virtual Works—Actual Things
Paulo de Assis

Locating the Performable Musical Work in Practice: A Non-Platonist Interpretation of the “Classical Paradigm”
David Davies

Towards a General Theory of Musical Works and Musical Listening
Gunnar Hindrichs

The Work of the Performer
John Rink

Music as Play: A Dialogue
Andreas Dorschel

What Anyway Is a “Music Discomposed”? Reading Cavell through the Dark Glasses of Adorno
Lydia Goehr

Three Responses to Lydia Goehr’s Essay “What Anyway Is a ‘Music Discomposed’?”
Lydia Goehr
Response 1
What Is a Music Dis-discomposed?
Kathy Kiloh
Response 2
Krenek, Cage, and Stockhausen in Cavell’s “Music Discomposed”
Jake McNulty
Response 3
Stanley Cavell’s “Music Discomposed” at 52
Paulo de Assis

The International Orpheus Academy for Music and Theory 2016: Concerts and Installations

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Format: Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

192 pages

ISBN: 9789461662521

Publication: July 10, 2018

Series: Orpheus Institute Series

Languages: English


Paulo de Assis, PhD in Music Analysis, is a musician (pianist and experimental performer), author, and artist researcher, and Senior Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute.