Music Theory and Analysis Volume 4 Issue I, 2017 (Journal Subscription)

International Journal of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory

Edited by Pieter Bergé, Nathan John Martin, and Markus Neuwirth

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Volume 4 Issue 1 available June 2017
Music Theory and Analysis (MTA) is a peer-reviewed international journal focusing on recent developments in music theory and analysis. It appears twice a year (in April and October) as an online journal with a print edition. MTA takes a special interest in the interplay between theory and analysis, as well as in the interaction between European and North American scholarship. Open to a wide variety of repertoires, approaches, and methodologies, the journal aims to stimulate dialogue between diverse traditions within the field.
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Bi-annually in April and October
Online ISSN: 2295-5925
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Table of Contents
Music Theory & Analysis | Volume 4, # I, April 2017

Pieter Bergé, Nathan John Martin

Job IJzerman, Schemata in Beethoven, Schubert, and Schumann: A Pattern-Based Approach to Early Nineteenth-Century Harmony
Yosef Goldenberg, Cadential and Quasi-Cadential Six-Four Chords at Boundary Points
Giorgio Sanguinetti and Deborah Burton, Verdi’s Six-Fours and the parola scenica

Analytical vignettes
Matthew Arndt, The Two Deaths in Beethoven’s Bagatelle Op. 126 No. 4
Olli Väisälä, Bartók’s “From the Island of Bali”: From “Balinese” Surface to “Hungarian” Background

Nathan John Martin, Dispatch from the Front: A Harmony Lesson

Book reviews
Fabian C. Moss, Review of David Huron, Voice Leading: The Science behind a Musical Art
Yannis Rammos, Review of David Beach, Advanced Schenkerian Analysis: Perspectives on Phrase Rhythm, Motive, and Form

Format: Journal - e + print

146 pages

ISBN: 9789461652232

Publication: June 25, 2017

Series: Music Theory and Analysis 4.1

Languages: English

Markus Neuwirth is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Musicology at KU Leuven.

Nathan Martin joined the University of Michigan in 2015, having previously held postdoctoral fellowships and teaching positions at Columbia, Harvard, KU Leuven, the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, and Yale. He received his PhD from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music in 2009.
Pieter Bergé is hoogleraar Musicologie aan de KU Leuven en artistiek directeur van Festival 20.21 Leuven. Zijn boeken, zowel wetenschappelijke als populariserende, werden herhaaldelijk bekroond. Pieter Bergé is Professor of Music Analysis, History and Theory (1750-1900) at the KU Leuven. His main research topics are Arnold Schoenberg, German opera during the Weimar Republic, Formenlehre, instrumental music from 1770-1830, and 'analysis-and-performance'-issues.